An Open Letter of Invitation to be Part of my Inner Circle and gain from the Success Story of Suresh Kannan & digiBlitz which you deserve.

Untitled Document August 14, 2016 Suresh Kannan, President & Chief Architect digiBlitz Inc Dear Life Mate, If you had walked into my life in the past and contributed in some way to my life growth and for some reason(s) had to leave me or I let you go out of my life, This is an […]

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The next (Super) Bubble-Bust coming?

August & September during Election Year when there is no re-election of current President. Rings a bell? 2000 Clinton – Dot-com crash. 2008- Mortgage financials crash. And 2016 most probably be big banks as many predict. Last time bush invited Obama well before he was elected to start getting into the process of bailouts because […]

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