WATCH: Devastating #DraftOurDaughters Attack Ad Warns Young Women Of Hillary’s Wars

A new ad campaign trending on Twitter made a critical point about Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, slamming her past support for a measure that would require women to register for the draft. The video, released by Danger and Play, showed little girls playing, with a mother narrating, saying that her daughter was not in… […]

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Hillary Campaign Mgr. Wanted To Use “Decoy” To Distract Public From Email Scandal

Immediately after The New York Times first reported on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in March 2015, the current Democrat nominee’s campaign manager Robby Mook wrote an email to campaign chair John Podesta suggesting that they release a “decoy” story. “I think we should get a credible leak out that we’re announcing on the 20th,”… […]

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Experts Claim Trump Could Easily Win Election Based On This Shocking Data

In a general election cycle that has seen more controversies and more unexpected comebacks than any in recent history, the biggest surprise may be just a week away. While many Democrats think Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton will easily win on Nov. 8, several experts are pointing out that the set of factors surrounding Republican nominee… […]

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New Poll Shows Trump Leading Hillary By 2 Points in New Hampshire

Of all of the swing states Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton thought she could count on, New Hampshire was probably the safest bet. After all, while its motto is “Live Free or Die,” it is a New England state that often aligns with Clinton’s liberal values. So imagine Clinton’s shock and displeasure when the latest poll… […]

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Woman Who Asked ‘Leaked’ Dem Debate Question Has A BRUTAL Message For Hillary

For the Democrat Party, Lea-Anne Walters was a pawn in the game. The leader of the movement to stir up publicity for Flint, Michigan’s, lead-poisoned water problem was just another game piece to be moved on the political chess board before a CNN-sponsored town hall debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in March. But thanks […]

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After Endless Attacks On FBI Director By Democrats, Trey Gowdy Comes Out Swinging

Trey Gowdy has a well-earned reputation for being a “Bulldog” when it comes to sinking his teeth into a witness on cross examination, but the South Carolina congressman also knows when to play defense. And his defense of FBI Director James Comey’s game-changing decision to announce a new investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal is […]

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FBI Strikes Again… They Just Destroyed This MASSIVE Liberal Smear Against Trump

If Democrats were counting on an October surprise — or rather, a “Hunt for Red October” surprise involving Donald Trump and ties to Mother Russia — to sink the GOP’s nominee’s prospects, The New York Times just torpedoed those designs. Hillary Clinton and her dutiful minions in social media have been tossing out all sorts of suggestions […]

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With Just Days To Go, Hillary Using This ‘Blast From The Past’ Shows How Desperate She Is

Michelle Obama was endlessly quoted when she told America during her speech at the Democratic National Convention, “When they go low, we go high.” It was an uplifting moment for Democrats, who like to think of themselves as elevated emissaries of love and positivity. Unfortunately for them, Michelle Obama’s seven words are bunk, spin, shameless […]

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DOJ Just Sent Disturbing Letter About FBI Investigation… Who Signed It Is Turning Heads

It’s a plot twist novelist John Grisham would be ashamed to try. After a weekend of political turmoil set off by FBI Director James Comey’s bombshell announcement that the bureau is investigating up to 650,000 emails found on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the Department of Justice is jumping into the mix. Loretta Lynch’s DOJ […]

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