Alex Jones – 2016-Nov-02, Wednesday

On this Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins to discuss his recent announcement of a “counter-coup” currently taking place and the beginning of the second American Revolution. Former federal prosecutor Doug Hagmann chimes in on WikiLeaks, Project Veritas and the upcoming election. We cover a breaking video […]

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Massive Revelation From Hacked Emails Just Completely Shattered Hillary’s Biggest Talking Point

It’s always the hypocrisy that hurts her. Hillary Clinton has built an entire presidential campaign on claims about her decades-long work to protect women and girls, and is only doubling down as she makes her closing argument in the final days before Nov. 8. But as the latest WikiLeaks revelations prove, when it comes to […]

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Krauthammer Goes For Hillary’s Jugular With 5 Brutal Words To Describe Her Campaign

It wouldn’t be clear from the still-glowing mainstream media coverage, but with the presidential election only days away, Hillary Clinton’s camp is getting desperate. Faced with brand new revelations mounting daily about the corruption of the Obama Justice Department’s investigation into her explosive email scandal, and polls showing a remarkably tight race, Democrats are recycling attacks […]

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BOMBSHELL: Smoking Gun Email Just Nailed Hillary’s Mole Inside Obama’s DOJ… Wow

Hillary Clinton can’t blame the Russians for this. A hacked email published by WikiLeaks Wednesday contains 10-megaton bombshell, proof that a top official in the United States Department of Justice was acting as a “mole” to the Clinton camp, leaking “heads up” information about upcoming congressional hearings that could embarrass the former secretary of state. […]

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With Trump Surging In The Polls, Hillary Is Blindsided By Even More Devastating News

It’s less than a week before Election Day, and with Donald Trump still well within striking distance of Hillary Clinton, the liberal media are breaking into a cold sweat, in part because of harsh realities emerging in stark black and white. As more polls now show the GOP nominee surging into the lead, the ever-more desperate media have clearly […]

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The Left’s Attack On FBI’s Comey Just Crossed The Line – This Is Low Even For Hillarybots

In an election season where many in the mainstream media see their job as defending or even promoting Hillary Clinton, this effort borders on the absurd. Americans have gotten used to the Democrat-aligned, Clinton-favoring media trying to compare Donald Trump to the worst tyrants of the past century. Some so-called “journalists,” however, who go to truly bizarre […]

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