Alex Jones – 2016-Nov-03, Thursday

On this Thursday, November 3rd 2016 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, we look at new headaches for Hillary as an FBI indictment seems increasingly likely in the last stretch of the presidential election. And media organizations are caught preparing graphics showing a Hillary victory. On today’s show, The New American Senior Editor William F. […]

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Missed By A Mile … Liberals Find Racism In World Series Signs, And Mockery Soon Follows

These are the people who understand “everyday Americans.” While an estimated 40 million people watched Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday — enjoying the roller coaster ride of what became one of the classic contests in the Fall Classic — liberals and progressives were taking to social media to denounce the clearest evidence of “racism” […]

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Amid Stunning New FBI Revelations, Judge Jeanine Just Drove The Final Nail In Hillary’s Coffin

Bill and Hillary Clinton might have established one of the most formidable political dynasties in American history, but to conservatives, they come across more like “The Godfather’s” Corleone Family than the Adams of the Republic’s early days. Now, amid the “avalanche” of revelations tumbling down about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play operation on behalf of […]

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Black Bishop: For Once, Hillary Clinton Should Do THIS For The Good Of The Country

This insight is courtesy of our special contributor, Bishop E. W. Jackson. For more on Bishop Jackson’s work, please check out For thirty years, the Clintons have served one master — themselves. From the Whitewater scandal to the $100,000 earned in commodity trading to the disappearance of Vince Foster’s files, later found in the […]

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Disgusting WikiLeaks Revelation Exposes Benghazi Bombshell Nobody Saw Coming

It’s a glimpse into the dark soul of the Democrat nominee even Democrats should flinch at. The latest WikiLeaks release of emails hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta contains an internal discussion about Clinton’s 11-hour testimony to Congress last year that’s chilling in its callousness. To Team Hillary, it appears, the slaughter of Americans […]

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EXPLOSIVE: Here’s Exactly How Hillary Tried To Fool America About Her Server… Under Oath

We all knew that the web of lies Hillary Clinton has spun around her email server was going to get washed away by the downpour of truth sooner or later. But who would have dreamed it would happen less than one week before the election? As if the FBI’s announcement that they’re restarting the investigation into her private […]

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BOMBSHELL FBI Revelation Against Hillary Has Top GOP Rep Boldly Calling Out ‘Treason’

This time, bad news for Hillary Clinton is bad news for the whole country. Citing two sources inside the FBI, Fox News is reporting that federal investigators are virtually certain that — despite what the Clinton camp has claimed — the former secretary of state’s private email server was hacked by foreign intelligence services. If true, […]

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Where The ‘Smart Money’ Is Now Going On The Election…And NOT Into The Clinton Foundation

Pundits, talking heads and party operatives all have their opinions on who’s going to win this coming Tuesday. However, if you want a less-political assessment of the election odds with some gravitas behind it, talk to someone who has money riding on the outcome. And we’re talking some serious coin that could portend a seriously stunning Election […]

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Like A Boss, Trump Campaign Manager Puts A Whoopin’ On Whoopi In Fiery ‘View’ Visit

Whatever Kellyanne Conway is making, she’s earned every penny of it. On a return trip to the not-so-friendly confines of ABC’s “The View,” the woman who manages Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign turned a torrent of juvenile taunts and barbs on Hillary Clinton’s behalf into a coherent argument that made her look like the only […]

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