BREAKING: Immediately After Trump Wins, the U.S. Economy Gets Exactly the News It Needs

Donald Trump’s election, we were assured by breathless pundits across the cable television spectrum, would bring on the end times with such suddenness that America would hardly know what had hit it. In fact, as soon as the 270th electoral vote was counted for the Manhattan billionaire, we were pretty much told that Trump had taken… […]

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ALERT: Not All Went Well Tuesday Night… 3 States Deliver Bad News to Gun Owners

From media reports, you may have thought that everything went well for the Republican Party Tuesday night, aside from the #NeverTrump contingent. However, three major states passed initiatives dealing a blow to gun rights, marring the victory somewhat for Second Amendment proponents. The most serious was, unsurprisingly, in California. The state that now wants to secede because… […]

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BREAKING: Shots Fired Near Anti-Trump Protest in Seattle, Multiple Victims Reported

A confrontation near a protest in Seattle against Donald Trump’s election night victory ended with five people shot outside a convenience store, according to The Seattle Times. Authorities said that two of the shooting victims had life-threatening injuries. Reports say that the gunshots rang out just before 7 p.m. Wednesday night outside a 7-Eleven. Sharon Keith, the… […]

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PERSECUTION: College Fires Newspaper Writer for Daring to Use 2 Politically Incorrect Words in Article

Rutgers University student Aviv Khavich says he has been fired from the student newspaper because of his political views. Khavich has always been a conservative writer, but according to The College Fix an argument over one particular phrase, “illegal alien,” cost him his job. Khavich himself is an immigrant — a legal immigrant born in… […]

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