WATCH: Trump Promises To Delete Obama’s Policies With Executive Actions On Day 1

President-elect Donald Trump sent out a video message to the country Monday evening promising to uphold some of the key promises of his campaign once he gets into office. In his video address to Americans he outlined just how he was going to make big changes, things that he can do one day The post […]

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Shock Poll Released After Election Trump’s Immigration Policies More Popular Than Thought

A poll conducted in September but published last week revealed that a majority of Americans supported President-elect Donald Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration. As reported by the pollster Ipsos, 62 percent of Americans supported detaining or immediately deporting all people who enter the U.S. illegally, while a higher 75 percent majority were in favor of immediately […]

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Hollywood Horrified After What Oscar Winner Jeff Bridges Just Said About Trump

The reality of President-elect Donald Trump has begun to sink in for some of our fellow Americans on the left, and some liberal Democrats are handling it better than others. Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges, a staunch liberal who supports gun control and believes in man-made climate change, was no fan of Trump The post […]

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