Pastor Robert Jeffress Predicts Christians Will Suffer Less Under Trump Administration

For Christians around the world, the new year will offer new hope. That was the message from Pastor Robert Jeffress, the evangelistic author and television and radio host, who spent the days before Christmas confidently predicting that the swearing-in of a new president in 2017 will be a game changer for Christians worldwide. Especially because […]

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Co-Workers Chip In to Buy Refinery Security Guard a Vehicle for Christmas

This is one worker who knows he’s appreciated. A Texas oil refinery security guard named Adrian Alcorn has amazed his co-workers for months now by bicycling to work every day no matter what the weather & or the hazards from highway traffic because a bicycle was the only means of transportation he could afford after […]

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Trump Calls Berlin a Purely Religious Attack- Asks the 1 Question Obama NEVER Would

Leave it to President-elect Donald Trump to ask the question on everyone’s minds. As the Western world grappled with yet another Islamic terrorist attack the heart of Europe this one in the run-up to one of Christianity’s holiest days Trump took to Twitter last week to give voice to the outrage Americans feel The post […]

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Obama Pushes to Dismantle, Sabotage American Security Program Before Leaving Office

In one final push before the end of his presidency, President Barack Obama is dismantling a program that has & let U.S intelligence track potential terrorists within the country. According to TheBlaze, the Obama administration has done away with the National Security Entry-Exit Registration Systems [NSEERS]. Under the NSEERS program, U.S intelligence was able to […]

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3-Year-Old Cancer Patient Allowed To Be A Cop For A Day From Chicago Police Department

If 2016 was hard for anyone, it was hard for 3-year-old David Juarez, who has battled, and is now recovering from, cancer. The Make-A-Wish Foundation decided to partner with Chicago’s Police Department to take Juarez’s mind off of things for a while and make his dream come true: Juarez was made a law enforcement officer […]

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