FAKE: Dem Senator Tries to Create Fake News… 1 Humiliating Fact Stops Him

There is an overwhelming abundance of “fake news” and utter falsities that can be found online these days, chief among them purported quotes from famous historical figures. These quotes, typically credited to our nation’s Founding Fathers or other high-profile figures, are often misconstrued or taken out of context, sometimes even completely made up and thus… […]

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Anti-Trump Protesters Spit on 2 Gold Star Family Members at Veterans Ball

Two Gold Star family members are claiming they were treated roughly and spat on by a mob of about 75 anti-Trump protesters outside of the Veterans Inaugural Ball on Friday night, according to a Facebook post by one of the victims. Amy Looney and Ryan Manion were accosted outside the Renaissance Washington, D.C., Downtown Hotel and… […]

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Obama Checked His Blackberry Every Morning, but Trump Actually Reads the Papers

President Donald Trump starts his mornings quite differently from former President Barack Obama. Instead of reaching for a mobile device and surfing the internet, Trump gets his information the old-fashioned way — by reading newspapers, watching television and listening to the radio. Trump reportedly reads The New York Times and the New York Post every morning, while… […]

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Netanyahu Makes 1st Move With Trump as Pres… Begins Settlement Construction Obama Hated

In a bold move to mark the beginning of President Donald Trump’s term, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the planning and construction of approximately 2,500 new housing units in the occupied West Bank, according to Haaretz. One of the last major events of the former President Barack Obama’s presidency was the United Nations resolution… […]

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Pastor Pens Stunning Abortion Article at Start of Trump Admin… Goes MEGA Viral

Pro-life conservatives around America have been anxiously watching President Donald Trump, hoping for a sign that he will fight against abortion in America like he promised on the campaign trail. Several op-eds about abortion have been published since Trump was elected, including one by John Piper, published on Desiring God, that went viral in two days.… […]

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Two Corrupt VA Employees Fired By Day 2 of Trump Administration

President Donald Trump was elected in part because of his promise to “drain the swamp” of corruption and incompetence that has been plaguing our nation’s capital for decades. One of the nastiest sections of that swamp is the Department of Veterans Affairs, which has been embroiled in a scandal involving incompetent employees, rampant corruption and… […]

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Swedish Politician Resigns After Calling for Trump Assassination

A previously obscure low-level Swedish politician serving as a council member in the town of Kalmar was forced to resign after he published a post to Facebook asking for someone to please “shoot” U.S. President Donald Trump. “I believed that Donald Trump would calm down after he became the president (of the U.S.),” wrote the now-infamous… […]

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