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Dear Reader,

I am excited to offer you a “FREE LICENSE For digiBlitz PROCESS AUTOMATION SOFTWARE PLATFORM” Not just as a Customer, But as a Non-Investing Partner.


Sub: An Invitation to a Webinar to unleash a Business Partnership offer with a Guaranteed 300% increase in your sales and at least a 25% reduction in your operations cost.

Are you planning to start a new business or have an existing business and looking forward to its growth?

I can help you with,

1. Getting every piece of basic business needs for you like Website, e-shop, finance, HR, Book Keeping, Payroll etc.

2. Transforming your business for the digital-social media world for better growth.

3. Cutting the cost and Increase sales by Automating your Business Processes including sales & marketing.

4. Taking advantage of “Internet of Things” Boom ?

I am the Creator & Chief Architect of DIGIBLITZ, a digital business Software platform. Today I am reaching out to you with a business partnership offer that you cannot resist. It will help you increase your organization’s revenue by at least 300% over the next 1-2 years without any substantial additional investment. Before explaining further, I would like to assure you that I am not trying to sell the product to you today. I am inviting you to adopt the product for free through a unique partnership program called, “Partnering Customer” It will increase your student enrollment multifold. It will help you automate most of your marketing/sales processes, complex internal business processes like HR and finance thereby relieving you from these composite activities and the cost associated with them.

Let me start explaining further with three simple questions…

By the way, a little bit of background about myself – I hold an Engineering Degree and an MBA. I created my first Robot in 1995 when I was a student. Created a software game product in 1996 when I just came out of college. I had built my first major software for managing an entire zoological park and got an award for it before even getting into my first job. I became a software architect within a few years of working as Engineer and helped my employers in building world-class software products. I founded digiBlitz when I was just 27 years old and ever since helped many customers worldwide by building products and solutions for them. I am recognized by the industry as a digital transformation evangelist. In 2014, I decided to take a big jump into innovation for future and started working on a digital transformation software platform to help customers transform themselves and beautifully equip for the digitally transformed world.It is my long-standing scientific mind, passion for Robotics and wisdom of Business digital transformation that made it possible. We just rolled out the first version of the platform successfully in the market.

Let me take you to the questions I started with…

1. Are you looking forward to transforming your newly started or existing business for the digital-social media world?

2. Do you want to cut cost and increase sales by Automating your Business Processes including sales & marketing?

3. Are you interested in taking advantage of “Internet of Things”?

If yes ( I am sure you are ),

Let me ask you,

What are the hurdles that you face now?

Is it the Budget/capital?


Is it the pain of choosing the right vendor?


Is it the lack of strong partnership?

While the budget may be a constraint, most of the customers like you, are stuck between the

> Unreliable “Open Source” and

> Expensive “Commercial Enterprise License”

Software options.

Moreover, you also want to work with good partners who are committed to your success.

Here is a Great News! For you.

I present you with the option that takes away all the three pain from you.

Currently, digiBlitz is welcoming Incubating Customers like you use our Digital Transformation & Process Automation Software Platform – “DIGIBLITZ” – with absolutely Zero Licensing(Enterprise) Fee for one year. We are also your reliable vendor & partner who you can trust. We will ensure your success because if not, we lose as well. The program under which we are making it happen is called, “digiBlitz Partnering Customer.

I would like to invite you for a webinar on Feb 23, 1 PM EST to learn about the program.

Ready to Sign-Up for the Webinar?

Not convinced yet?

The following information will clear the hurdle between you and the 300% gain.What if I show you how you will achieve that target just by signing up for partnership? Here is the Most exciting part of the program. I call it as the “Partner Bounty” This is an additional revenue for your company as a Non-Investing partner. This bounty is not based on your sales, but our sales.

Yes, you are revenue sharing partner for our product.Here you go…We are sharing 15% of the first year license sales of a specific product with the “Partnering Customer” program members. i.e., You will get an equal portion of share along with all the other “partner-customer” members of that specific product. Whether you had contributed to the sales process or not, you will get your share.

At this juncture, I am sure you probably think why we would do this? Is this guy Crazy to throw a significant share of his revenue? What is the catch?”

I am not crazy to throw away my share of the revenue of own product just like that; because I am not throwing it away. I am sharing it with people helped me achieving the goal. Trust me; I know what I am doing. I believe in winning through community sharing as my mentor Zig Ziglar says; You can get everything in life you want if you just help other people in what they want”.It is very simple. We need early adopting customers for expanding our product capabilities and testimonies for acquiring more paid customers. Other software vendors do this at your cost. But we are doing it for Free honestly with an open minded offer of partnership where there is a “Win-Win” situation.To learn more about the “Partner-Customer” program, please sign up for the Webinar. We are only taking in only 100 customers from each unique industry segment. We short-list our partner-customer based on the Size and Revenue. Is that all? Not yet over..we are also euphoric to engage you as a Referral / Reselling partner, in which case you will get an additional sales commission from the specific engagements that emerge out of your referral/resale. There are many other partnerships like systems integration partnership etc. are available if you are interested in. I will be happy to provide you further guidance on it.

So, Hurry up!! Join me at the ‘digiBlitz Partnering Customer’ Webinar’ on February 23rd at 1:00 PM EST. Sign up now to RSVP for this unique event by submitting the form at the right side top of the page.

Here are some product line up.

  klugWerks is a specialized facade of digiBlitz Platform for the Manufacturing         industry. You shall visit While this is just one facade of the    platform, we can design the facade as per your need.

SmartLehren is a facade product for the higher education industry. It helps universities and colleges to manage their day-day businesses effectively while automating their marketing and other processes to sign up new students.

                         Guildkraft is an excellent automation platform for transforming the non-profits and                            other membership driven companies. It helps in managing existing processes,                                  auomating the HR, Finance and ther inernal functions. Most importantly it                                          automates CRM through Robotic process serving existing members and reach        out to new members.

Menschforce Facade product is one of a kind automation and compliance tool for staffing and recruitment industry. It brings in the buyer and seller of human resource services together and provide them with necessary tool to exel their day-day business and grow.

Excited? Me too…Looking forward to meeting you at the Webinar,

Note: IF you are already convinced and would like to get into the program without any delay, you may set up a one-one call with me by writing to my AI Assistant Cathy,

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Chief Architect,

digiBlitz Inc

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