Suresh M Kannan is an Inventor, Entrepreneur, digital Transformation Architect, Industrial Revolution 4.0 Evangelist, A Writer, Speaker and a Social/Economic/Political enthusiast

 Maya Suresh Kannan, is an Inventor, Entrepreneur, digital Transformation Architect, Industrial Revolution 4.0 Evangelist, A Writer, Speaker and a Social/Economic/Political enthusiast. During his Career of over 21 years, he had helped many organizations including fortune 500s, Social entities and Governmental organizations in the digital Transformation. Recent years he is very active in digital Transformation of Industries, Cities, Transportation/Mobility and Energy sector to enable the for the 4th Industrial Revolution fueled by Blockchain and Internet of things technologies.

Suresh Kannan is the Inventor, Creator & Chief Architect of digiBlitz, an "Internet of Things" Monetization platform. He is also the investor/creator of many products like Enterprise Integration Dashboard, menschforce, guildKraft, klugWerks etc. Apart from working on his creations, he dedicates himself to various other inventions, mathematical/scientific modeling, business consulting, social, economic and political causes by traveling around the world. His engagements span commercial, business, non-profit and social organizations and individuals. His unique approach to life, career and business transformations "Karma Yoga" helps his beneficiaries on a tremendous scale. His methodology of PTP framework is successfully applied over 21 years for both individuals and businesses. He engages with the world through creation of mathematical Modeling & computational algorithms, Consulting, Seminars, Speaking in conferences, conducting workshop/training, Advise organizations, Life/Career Coaching etc on various fields like

  • Monetization of Internet of Things
  • Distributed Computing, Distributed Ledger.
  • Quantum Computing.
  • State Machine Computing
  • Blockchain / DAG
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Machine World & Robotics
  • Enterprise digital Twin
  • Artificial Intelligence & the changes that it's going to bring to the society
  • Digital Transformation of the World
  • Elimination of Poverty through Free markets & Industrial Development.
  • Inclusiveness of Rural & local economy in digital Transformation.
  • Integration of People for positive engagements.
  • The relationship between Robots & Machines etc.
  • Globalization & its negative impact on sovereign nations & its people
  • The relationship between Robots & Machines etc.

I,  Suresh Maya Kannan, was born in Chennai, India on Feb 7, 1974, as the third child. I was raised by My parents along with my sibling during the tough times of their life. I was raised in poverty in a slum from the age of 7 to 15 before we could manage to climb the ladder in the social living.

I am lucky enough to have born and having my education in Tamil Nadu where Thiruvalluvar lived and wrote one of the best books ever written in the human history, Thirukkural. During my school days, my dear friends and I spent a lot of time not just memorizing the poems of thirukkural but also learning in depth meanings and their correlations to life. I did my Engineering degree from Bharath Engineering College, under the University of Madras(currently under Anna University). Every time in my life I was blessed with opportunities to meet great people who made a positive difference in my life whom I adopt as Guruji and Mentor. Thirukkural is still the best books I have in my library. First time in my life, I met my Guru and Mentor, Mr. Krishnamurthy when I was in 9th grade. He came to my life a mathematics tuition teacher, but he changed my life with his mentorship and motivation to give me strong confidence that I am a winner. He is a perfect example of a real teacher is one who does not teach you lot of things but who guides you to invent yourself and make you a successful person.

Another important person(soul) in my life is Swamy Vivekananda. Although I am living after 100 years gap to the age of Swamiji, I still feel his presence and learn from his preaching. He introduced the concept of Advaita( "God is within you") which I adopted as my philosophy and belief.

Another paramount person in my life is my spiritual Guru, Mr. Krishnamani Iyer who came to my life as a Yoga teacher but became a Guru of Enlightenment and turned me into a Spiritual person and a thinker.He turned my attention towards inventing myself(the real me).

Another highly respectable person who once again made a positive change to my life at a very critical stage is Mr Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker, philosopher and spiritual teacher. I am yet to meet him, but he is already living within myself and guiding me every day with his powerful teachings, philosophies, and books. I am grateful to a friend of mine who introduced Mr. Ziglar to my life. After I had formed a corporation and turned my career into business, there were a lot of challenges and transformations in my life. I had to face a lot of hardships and challenges to balance my life. Ziglar gave me the wisdom of balancing the life with his preaching and wheel of life concept. With the foundations laid by my Parents and Gurus, I started building my life structure to be a very strong and durable with quality. My Gurus and Mentors always guide me through their spiritual presence.

There is one more important person( "Avtar") in my life who influenced my outlook on life is Krishna. I don't argue whether he is avatar or god or human, he left an invaluable preaching through Bhagwat Geeta. I heard some of Bhagwat Geeta principles through my Guru Krishnamani Iyer many times, but I read Gita First time in 2004. Although I disagree some things in Gita, it gave me the insight of Karmayoga and Gyan yoga. I guess at some point of time in life every one of us asks the question why should I live my life or do what I am doing now. Who is making me do all these things? etc. This is where Bhagwat Gita helps. I did not read Bhagwat Gita as a Religious material, but as spiritual material and it changed my life. Similarly, I have learned bits and pieces of preachings from Bible although I did not yet get a chance to read it thoroughly.

I wrote my personal mission statement on August 18, 2006. Since then I am putting my best effort in conducting my life as per my mission and with a commitment to making the positive change in the life of people around me.


-Suresh M Kannan ( Maya Suresh Kannan )

Why performing your duties is very Important?

"A man who performs his worldly duties("Karma Yogi") without thinking about the benefits of its outcome and detaches himself from the outcome( success or failure) is far better than a Saint who spent all his time in meditation. So perform your duties("karma")"

--Bhagwat Gita

Why Social Responsibility and Social work are very important to have well Balanced Society and Quality of life?

"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

--Zig Ziglar

Why Philosophical, Spiritual and Social thinking are very important to have a better practical life?

"Anything that is well understood  philosophically, Spiritually and socially & architected can be theoretically expressed and designed in one or more ways; Anything that is theoretically well explained and designed can be practically implemented in one or more ways."

--Suresh Kannan

Social Responsibility
Social Welfare
Social Awareness
Social Work

Social Responsibility is a human way of helping, caring and respecting every individual in the society by doing things responsibly so that no person in the society is affected negatively either directly or indirectly by your act.

Remember, "If you set an example, you won't need to set many rules"(Zig Ziglar--from his mom)

There is a very big misconception about the social welfare. Many times it is resolved into just giving money to charity and donating to the religious cause. Although these activities are very good, they will not make you a person of social responsibility.

The very true definition of social welfare is "Doing things that create the positive difference in the society and helps in creating a life-long positive change in an individual or group." One time charity solves the problems temporarily, but real welfare activity takes care of the issues lifelong.

Social awareness is the process of listening, reading, seeing and understanding Political, Social, Geological and Economical changes and developments happening around us. Having better social awareness helps us in being Socially responsible so that no need for social work and social welfare.

Social work is the human way of helping people around us who are victims of social irresponsibility through monetary, physical and educational charity. Social work and social responsibility are indirectly proportional. Ie when Social Responsibility gets better among the people, then there is less need for social work.

Social work is often mistaken as social welfare and religious practice. Religion shall be used as a disciplinary procedure and a way of helping people in the society. But religious practices itself should not be considered as social work.

My passion is to make a positive difference in lives of many individuals in our society by,

  • Promoting the philosophy of living a better than good life with significance based on true spiritualism put forward by great spiritual leaders, philosophers, achievers and their great books.
  • Promoting the spiritual teachings by great spiritual gurus like Swamy Vivekananda.
  • Promoting Social Responsibility among people by giving them an opportunity to work together on social cause and make them go to the cause of the problem and solve it forever instead.
  • Promoting the Art of Balancing Life mechanism put forward by Mr.Zig Ziglar - a great philosopher and motivational writer and speaker.
  • Promoting the skills of self-learning, self-improvement, self-confidence, and self-image among the people thereby they channelise their life in right path successfully taking complete control.
  • Do you want to be a difference maker in the society around you? The best way to do it by giving positive input to the community in whatever ways you can. An ordinary citizen with a tremendous urge to serve the society and make the positive change in the society is the most respected person in the society and always earn true fame and respect. Now, being read the previous paragraph, you now got an urge to do something yourself to the society? My personal research I found that by heart, every individual has some urge to be part of building a successful and disciplined society around him/her, but he/she gets stuck because of not much support from situations and events around him/her. So I have taken this initiative to help them channelize their urge by teaching the true meanings of Social Responsibility and Social work, make them balance their life by promoting the concept of Wheel Of Life by Mr. Ziglar, teach spiritualism and practice of Yoga for the Art of Internal and External Living; Teaching the art of converting philosophies to theories and theories to practice, etc.

-- Suresh M Kannan


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