Americans are getting stuck following the zero sum system! Get out of it for prosperity!!

Dear fellow #patrioticAmerican!

You have been beaten by the system that you are a part of. It is time to understand that people are taking advantage as well as beating you in your own system. Get ready to beat them back.

1. You follow every law in the book taught by the lawmakers. Understand that the lawmakers and the current generation of migrants mostly don’t follow them completely. I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t follow laws: I want you to stop enacting unfair laws and if you need to implement one, make sure you make everyone follow it. Not just the #patrioticAmerican such as you.

2. The system has been teaching you inaccurately to follow the system of credit always. You are ignorant that today’s economy is a debt economy which means you don’t have to be conscious of your current status of credit. However, you definitely have to understand how money works. My suggestion, take as much credit possible from the system without thinking of paying it back. I am serious. The system does not always help the good guys. It helps new/fresh guys because they start with a score of 700 plus as they are not exposed to the problems that you collected as early as your teenage years. You started working early in your life: you went to college with the help of student loans; you fell into the vicious circle of debts leading to screwing up your credit score eventually. Now, as per their existing rule, you are out of the game.

3. Democrats are trying to create a system of Big Business-Workers Model. You need to jump out of the system and create a profit making system of trading & sharing of goods between the small guys and consumers. Big guys should only compete with small guys on quality and not anything else. Before the Industrial Age, people were always trading goods with each other. Trust me, the trading system still works. But the government make rigid regulations to stop such trading practices within smaller counties and villages. We need to take measures to fight against it.

4. You have been taught to ask for #minimumwage. Forget about it. You don’t need the minimum wage. You need the maximum revenue and profit. You need to sell your skills and generate sustainable revenue for yourself. Beat the system for big business to consumer. Bring back the system for selling skills to consumers. Put a note of representation to change government policies that suppress your basic rights to sell directly to consumers. Let consumers decide whether to buy from you or from the government. Promote programs such as #farmersmarket and #homegrowers. I am not suggesting becoming self-sufficient: I am asking you to produce and sell goods within your local community.

5. You stop investing in the Wall Street trading companies and start investing in the local companies which you know very well internally as well as their structures and operations: Invest on equity shares of that company if you like.

6. Start #smallbusiness and create a society of small businesses capable of trading with each other and bypass the trading happening at the big business on the Wall Street. Not suggesting at all that you trade low-quality products: I am suggesting the products of better quality compared to what big guys have and the trading should happen locally.

7. Big businesses are making money on American brands and patents worldwide. Why not you? Your #forefathers knew how to make airplane and motor vehicles. You know you can make more things because you have your liberty and freedom from the US constitution. Don’t let big corporations fool you that you need them. You definitely don’t. You can get access to the customers of the world as long as you have unique product offering.

8. Don’t stand in line to fill application for a job as a waiter in the restaurants. Get back to the era of your ancestors, 100 years back, and spend time on doing research, inventions and sell them to the world. If your great grandpas could do it, you can do it as well. Don’t worry about the government restrictions. You have the judiciary to help you to teach a lesson to the government or the big guys whenever required. This is what ford and other folks did when they were restricted. America works progressively as long as we have judges who can restore & amend constitutional rights when and wherever necessary. So, elect the right president – #Trump who can put conservative judges in the office.

9. Don’t fall into the set of habitual whiners who always blame the government for not doing anything for them ever. Understand this, ‘least the government the better you are’. So, take the matter into your own hands and ride the vehicle of your prosperity. And of course, you need the right president who will let this happen.

Suresh Kannan

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