Amid Stunning New FBI Revelations, Judge Jeanine Just Drove The Final Nail In Hillary’s Coffin

Bill and Hillary Clinton might have established one of the most formidable political dynasties in American history, but to conservatives, they come across more like “The Godfather’s” Corleone Family than the Adams of the Republic’s early days.

Now, amid the “avalanche” of revelations tumbling down about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play operation on behalf of her very own Clinton Foundation, the talk of the Clintons and their cronies being treated like just another New York-based crime syndicate is getting more serious.

And for many ex-prosecutors, including Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro, it’s an open-and-shut case.

On the same day that Fox News’ Bret Baier reported that his FBI sources said an indictment is likely in the bureau’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation, Pirro appeared on Sean Hannity’s program. She invoked the storied Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations act often known as RICO – the same federal law that brought down the major Mafia families in the 1980s – to go after the Clintons today.

And Hillary Clinton should be the first one in the prisoner’s dock, the caustic Fox News commentator said on Wednesday’s “Hannity.”

The basic setup was clear from the outset: a foreign government or some international corporate conglomerate would pay exorbitant sums to Bill Clinton for a speech or two, with the proceeds going to the Clintons’ “charity.” Hillary Clinton’s influence at the State Department would then shine favor upon the “donor” country or company.

Could even a Democrat deny something so obvious?

Check out the “Hannity” segment here.

As always, Pirro spoke with big-city bluntness, and an ex-prosecutor’s confidence.

“A simpleton could figure out that she would make a deal with a particular country, the money goes into the [Clinton] Foundation, Bill makes a speech, and then they get the benefit,” she said. “This is classic, RICO corruption … Go to jail!”

Pirro isn’t the only ex-prosecutor with that position.

James Kallstrom, a former assistant FBI director who led the bureau’s field office during the 1985-86 trial when Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department used the RICO act to imprison the heads of the main Mafia families, called the Clintons’ case clear.

“Just from what I’ve seen in the public domain, it’s a classic RICO case,” Kallstrom told the conservative website LifeZette.

“The more you see WikiLeaks … you see the breadth and scope of this conspiracy. You could make a very strong RICO case against the Clinton Foundation and all of its minions,” he said.

Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia who has been a scathing critic of the Clinton Foundation and FBI Director James Comey’s decision in July not to recommend a criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton, said there is “no doubt” there are grounds for a RICO prosecution. DiGenova is now a surrogate for the Trump campaign.

The arm of the Clinton Foundation known as the Clinton Global Initiative, essentially a piggy bank for donors looking to gain the Clintons’ favor, should be part of any court case, he told LifeZette.

“The conduct that is known to date, particularly the conduct of [Bill Clinton], and the influence-peddling that has been at the heart of precisely why the foundation exists and the initiative exists shows a direct linkage between official State Department actions and donations to the foundation and the initiative,” he said.

“There’s just no doubt that there should have been a grand jury looking into this a long time ago.”

Of course, in the Obama Justice Department, run by the underboss known as Attorney General Loretta Lynch, there has been no grand jury empaneled for the Clinton email scandal, despite its national security implications.

National Review’s admirable Andrew McCarthy detailed the RICO case against the Clintons in a piece over the weekend. Every word of it is worth reading, but this paragraph sums it up well.

The WikiLeaks disclosures of e-mails hacked from Clinton presidential-campaign chairman John Podesta provide mounting confirmation that the Clinton Foundation was orchestrated for the purpose of enriching the Clintons personally and leveraging then-Secretary Clinton’s power to do it. Hillary and her underlings pulled this off by making access to her contingent on Clinton Foundation ties; by having top staff service Clinton Foundation donors and work on Clinton Foundation business; by systematically conducting her e-mail communications outside the government server system; by making false statements to the public, the White House, Congress, the courts, and the FBI; and by destroying thousands of e-mails — despite congressional inquiries and Freedom of Information Act demands — in order to cover up (among other things) the shocking interplay between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

For most of the post-war era, being a Democrat in American politics has involved preening about moral superiority when it comes to matters of race and sex and gender, while establishing policies that have destroyed the black community and fostered the reduction of women to sexual objects.

(Even Democrats have to acknowledge the statistical reality that the black nuclear family has almost disappeared since Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” pipe dreams. The pill and abortion “liberated” men from responsibility much more than they “liberated” women from “sexual oppression.” Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand men — or women.)

Thanks to the Clintons corruption, with the connivance of President Barack Obama’s lawless administration, being a Democrat now means defending the country’s No. 1 crime family, too.

At least the Corleones treated their people with respect.