An Open Letter of Invitation to be Part of my Inner Circle and gain from the Success Story of Suresh Kannan & digiBlitz which you deserve.

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August 14, 2016

Suresh Kannan,

President & Chief Architect

digiBlitz Inc

Dear Life Mate,

If you had walked into my life in the past and contributed in some way to my life growth and for some reason(s) had to leave me or I let you go out of my life, This is an open heart invitation to you. I invite you to come back to my life and complete what you had helped me in the first place and what you came to me for helping you… by burying all the differences and resentments. If I had offended you in some way, I ask for the forgiveness. If you had offended me in some way personally, I forgive you and tear off the resentment page from my letter of books of life. But both you and I should understand one thing…trust is the foundation for the loyalty. If we have to be loyal to each other, we should trust each other. So, come back if and only if you trust me and come with full open heart without being judgmental of me. I might fight with people for some reason but I never hate anyone permanently because god had created me that way. I also welcome anyone newly to start building the blocks with me.

A lot of things had happened in my life in the past 15 years with so many ups and downs as the largest roller coaster in the world. But I always progressed forward in the career as well as in personal life learning from mistakes and bouncing back. For some reason, God gave all sort of problems and troubles and strange circumstances in my life which never happens to one man in his lifetime all at once. I was brought up in the slum area of Chennai during school days and had seen all sort of odds very early in my life which made me not afraid of poverty or living simple. I still love living a simple life. All my age I have been presented with many many situations that are odd and strange. I had always crossed them and overtime with a big smile on my face because god gave me something to learn and teach others. It is mathematically impossible for one person to see various forms of life instances both in career and personal life with a short span. But you know what..I loved it because now I have seen that part of life and can help so many other people who are not as tough as me to stay afloat.

digiBlitz, the company I founded and I have a very tight bonding with each other. I know I always asked people not to fall in love with things that does not have a life. I was wrong, you sometimes had to fall in love with things that does have life in them. Wait…i may be right, you still don’t fall in love with materialistic things, but what if you worked hard to give some kind of life to that materialistic thing with the transference of love and feelings? Those material or intangible things also get a life.

I feel the same way with digiBlitz. I love this damn good company which I founded in 2001 throwing away $70K paying job and went to $500 per month earning in the first few years. It is like a mother giving life to a child within herself through placenta transferring all her energy and nutritious. And I know some of the friends gave me $1000 to $2000 to help me forming the company and became shareholders. I know their numbers are only 30% total. But their presence in my mind kept me going inspire of all the odds. Even if they don’t come back to my life, I always have their benefits reserved in the form of equity share. But what about the person like you, who did not have a stake in the company and still contributed for some satisfying or unsatisfying salary or for free or even have resentment that I did not pay you what is right compensation that you deserve? How am I going to take care of you?

If you felt love and affection the same way I do me Suresh Kannan and digiBlitz personally and wanted to continue to from where you left without any expectation other than getting accomplishment feeling, I welcome you back to my inner circle. The reason I am sending this invitation at this point of time in my life is this, ..until now I always was steering the company and trying to position it to hit $B…yes it is B for Billion. digiBlitz was never formed to be a million dollar company and my shareholders were never be meant to be rich by few hundred thousand. I want all my shareholders to me multimillionaires as soon as possible. Some of you might have already made a judgment on me and digiBlitz as it is never going to reach the goal as I was projecting it to because you see 15 years is very long period. But I am the only one who knows why it has taken 15 years for this company to grow. Because this company was growing together with me and my personal life learning through the ups and downs. Every great company took many years to survive and reach goals. When you had a goal of $M for million, I would have taken it to a 100M company long back. But it would have stayed there. It would have never found its way up into the Billion club.

For the past 7 years, I had invested back every possible small money this company made to build a platform that is going to help the company achieve its goal. That platform is digiBlitz ELMT, the world’s first platform for Business & digital transformation planning. Yes. The steering is finally over. I have placed the company in the sweet spot where it will reach its potential. There are going to be customers lining up, partners lining up, investors lining up. They are going to take the company to multi-fold. There is absolutely no doubt about it. But I always will be having a feeling of someone I forgot to take care of, by giving an opportunity to be back in my inner circle during the years of exponential growth. I always am grateful for someone who contributed even just 1 day in the past to my life and digiBlitz. You might have gone out for some reason that was inevitable at that point of time in your and my life and digiBlitz. But I will be having a bad feeling of not giving you an opportunity to come back and complete your journey with me and grow together with me and digiBlitz during the next few years of crazy uplift. If you felt an injustice was done to you, time to clear the air. If you felt you always wanted to continue and made the wrong choice, I welcome you back to complete your journey with me.

If you came to my life and stayed closely with me, you probably know me very well that I don’t carry the resentments and wounds for a long time. I am born that way and shaped the way by mentors. So, I invite you to come back and be part and complete and take pride to be part of Success Story of Suresh Kannan & digiBlitz. But please do it only if you still truly like me, love me and/or digiBlitz and have trust in me personally and believe in digiblitz, because that only will get us going stronger together. Nothing wrong in making money eventually(actually it will be a pretty big reward) but don’t be coming looking for money on a short-term basis. I want first love, affection, trust and honesty to me and digiBlitz. Then only other things.But I promise it is going to be very beautiful, challenging, interesting, life rewarding experience in the next few years for you that you will see a big ride in the career accomplishing so many things and gaining so much of knowledge and exposure to the world. Remember the 90s ERP? This is the next big things and we are playing a big role as a product company. Sounds too good? Trust me. You will be very very happy that you made the decision to come back.

If you find it difficult to open conversation with me over the phone, you should write to me at

Sincerely yours,

Suresh Kannan