Black Bishop: For Once, Hillary Clinton Should Do THIS For The Good Of The Country

This insight is courtesy of our special contributor, Bishop E. W. Jackson. For more on Bishop Jackson’s work, please check out

For thirty years, the Clintons have served one master — themselves.

From the Whitewater scandal to the $100,000 earned in commodity trading to the disappearance of Vince Foster’s files, later found in the Clinton private residence; from the persecution of the many girlfriends of Bill to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. From the sale of the Lincoln Bedroom to the destruction of White House furnishings and computers when they departed; from the pardoning of Clinton cronies as he exited the presidency to corrupt dealings of the Clinton Foundation with foreign governments.

When he should have been handling foreign policy, Bill Clinton was being handled by a foolish young intern. When he could have been putting the truth in front of him and the scandal behind him, he looked into the camera and lied to the American people and raised his hand under penalties of perjury and lied to the court. For his trouble he put our country through an impeachment and the legal system through his disbarment proceedings. Now we know that Hillary Clinton created an illegal email system designed to hide her corrupt dealings with foreign governments and donors while serving as Secretary of State.

We have just learned that the Clinton Foundation has been under investigation for a year based on evidence of using the State Department in a pay-to-play scheme. The federal criminal investigation of a major party nominee for president is historically unprecedented. Whatever the outcome, if she is elected the country will face months of uncertainty.

The history of the Clinton enterprise has been one long exercise in self-indulgence. It’s time for the voters to say, “That’s it. We are calling an end to your manipulating the levers of power for your personal pleasure and enrichment.” November 8 should be the close of the sad chapter of Clinton cronyism and self-dealing.

There is another possibility, albeit remote. Hillary Clinton could awaken to the destructive impact she has had on America and the nightmare of an administration which might begin with indictment of the President. This would be unprecedented. For the good of the country, she should resign her nomination.

FBI Director Comey has nudged her in the right direction by reopening the investigation into her violations of national security. If Democratic down ballot candidates encourage her to step aside; if Huma Abedin appeals to her sense of duty and advises her to step aside; if Bill and Chelsea admit that her administration will be mired in scandal and tell her to step aside; and most importantly, if the American people say with a loud voice, “Enough! Step down!;” maybe she will have an epiphany and do the right thing, for once in her life.

Donald Trump is an outsider who wants to clean up the corruption in Washington. As we now know, Hillary Clinton is Washington corruption personified. She is not fit to serve as President of the United States. She should step down now and save the country the potential anguish and instability of having a convicted felon in the highest office in the nation.