Bringing manufacturing business back to the USA – The challenges & Our solutions!

klugwerksAfter a very long 18 months of battle, finally the elections are over and we took the country back from Globalization. Now we could build a stronger and greater America by putting Americans back to work. Although we had created the political change, which is the first step toward the transformation, we have to face an uphill battle to bring the manufacturing business back home. There is going to be a trade war, a currency war and a digital transformation war that American needs to wage on large manufacturing countries like China. With Internet of things around the corner, China is poised to take control of the manufacturing of sensors and robotics once again. So, it is not going to be that easy for American manufacturers to get back to work and make profits. We need to understand the impact of digital 3D printing, process automation, and digital marketing in the manufacturing business. It is not the business as usual for those who return to work after a long gap. It is not even good news for medium to large size US manufacturers as they regularly attacked by disruptive technology players. Every day new company across the world with start-up funding from their home country is ready to destroy US large manufacturers.

At digiBlitz, we understood this challenge well ahead and created klugWerks, a platform for digital marketing, robotic process automation and digital transformation. While traditional ERP costs millions of dollars in licenses and maintenance, digiBlitz platform costs a fraction of the cost but still brings in a lot Agile ERP and process automation, thereby supporting and transforming existing business processes. Small time manufacturers can easily get on board with the platform with a cloud-based pay-as-you-grow licensing model. For further information, write to or visit