Happily Ever After does not exist in marriage. But Beautifully Ever After does!

Dear Friends, I often come across people talking a lot about getting married, getting settled, etc., First of all, marriage should not be approached as a settlement or end of something. It never will be. Getting Married is not an achievement. Anyone can get married to the someone as long as you spend some money […]

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Dumped by a person after he/she achieved what he/she wanted?

We all had been there. Right? It’s just not the love relationship. It happens in business and other relationships as well. You love, groom, counsel, encourage, share the pain, share the wallet with the person when they are down. And when they come out of their misery or become successful, the very first thing they […]

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Living with pain in the heart!

Sorrow or happiness, are both feelings. But we welcome happiness with complete acceptance but reject sorrow. Why is that? Well, it’s simple, sorrow gives pain and happiness give gain to mind and heart. Instead of lecturing on “how to accept both equally”…” don’t worry”…” start living a happy life” etc. etc., I would like to […]

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