#PatrioticAmericans should not be blamed for having Love & deeper Connectivity to their Land!

It is quite surprising when many people talk about globalization stating that the world belongs to all and countries should not have borders. Let me ask these folks, Are you happy deep inside living in a country or a land far-far away from where you were born and raised as a child? Be honest with […]

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Why should a #patrioticAmerican mind be at uncompromising revolution during times of change like this?

Dear #patrioticAmerican , Revolution simply is not the answer always for all the conflicts in the world. But at points where the solutions to problems hit a plateau: no visible signs of any trail to climb further, not knowing whether the next step is an unending gravitational plunge into an unknown darkness, at that moment […]

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Globalization has not helped small businesses and common man as much as it has helped big businesses & bankers.

Last few decades, we have all been preached about Globalization in such a manner as if it is good for everybody. Sans doubts, it is true that globalization has helped us to understand other cultures, share knowledge, share science & medicine, and explore the world. But it is also true that it has not helped […]

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Small Town geniuses needs opportunity now! Shun the wall street backed fake ladder economy!! Vote for Trump!

During my recent visit to Nepal, I was utterly surprised to learn that there exists a package that includes taking tourists in dollies to the top of the Everest and get pictures clicked there to show to the world about their efforts & achievement in climbing the top peak. Well, I understand that the real […]

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The Secrets of Reversing the outsourcing and getting Americans back to work at even a higher level!

I know it is frustrating to watch more and more IT jobs being shipped overseas even though you have a better qualification and more willingness to do it. While there are many political, governmental policy & tax reasons for this,  I want to address two of the major reasons where government change itself cannot solve. […]

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IT Outsourcing companies should stop trading people and get into trading finished solutions!

IT outsourcing companies started well in the 1980s following US trend, created tie-ups and helping the US companies and the US economy growth multifold world-wide. There is absolutely no doubt about it. I am not intent to question their values and business practices entirely. This article should be taken as a whistle blow for both […]

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Steering your Career in the World of digital Transformation!

The Business digital transformation has become an inevitable thing currently for every company. In today’s world, if you want to win as a professional or a businessman, you need to embrace digital transformation of your business. For understanding the transformation of businesses you need to first understand the history of evolution. A short rewind to history of […]

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