Consulting & Advisory Services

” I am available for advisory & consulting services for your business needs. I can help you in various areas including but not limited to the following”

  • Internet of Things
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Machine World & Robotics
  • Enterprise digital Twin
  • Cloud Architecture Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Transformation
  • Social Transformation for digital World
  • Free Market and Industrial Development.
  • The relationship between Robots & Machines etc.

My hourly rate is $400 per hour for remote engagements. For onsite engagement, I charge $500/hour + expenses. The typical teams that hire me are Board, Strategy/leadership, CXOs, VP or PR. I am not a 9-5 worker type consultant or interested in any third-party work. I can only advise/consult your direct project/program/problem needs. Please write to me at engagements@sureshkannan.or and cc to


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