Disaster for America Not Electing Trump!

Attention AMERICANS!!

Some mistakes in life cannot be undone forever. Not electing Mr. Trump as the president of United States of America will be the most significant mistake in the history of the country.


Let’s find out, through three videos, in my first video, i am going to present the current crisis, in the second video, I will present the mistake of not electing Mr. Trump as president and in the third presentation I will explain what Mr. Trump presidency will bring into restore and recreate America the great nation once it was.

here is the first presentation….

American Capitalism crisis…

America has been falling from capitalism, the very ingredient for its success formula.

while socialism is a beautiful thing to discuss, it brings in so much of negativity to the nation especially the larger ones like the USA.

Capitalism brings in productivity out the potential of the people and resources. But socialism brings inequality which introduces the stupid concept of people, and the work output is equal which is against her very own nature of human existence. Capitalism is the only form of social system that brings in the positive growth to the society.

While every other nation was admiring the USA in the last century for its successful implementation of capitalism, some elements were secretly working against it by obsessing with socialism & communism. These elements used Obama to make American capitalism so weak and now they are trying to finish it once for all using Hillary.

America is becoming soft…

  • Americans are becoming too soft, accepting everything enforced upon them by the government which is completely against the foundation of this country.
  • Every society needs a tough guy(s) to put the society into order. None other than America is the right force for enforcing word order. But now America itself is made softer, and now someone else is taking over the world policing which by the way include America. Nice guys get appreciation but will be dominated by bullies if he is weak. So, it is good to be nicer, but it is critical to be tougher.
  • this is not only a problem for america in the world stage but also for america’s internal security issues.criminals are becoming fearless and terrorists are gaining more footpath into the society.

Civil Rights & Liberty crisis…..…

  • Americans are deprived of their civil and social rights & liberty.
  • Everything is illegal in this country, almost. That leads to many people do nothing other than what government wants them to do, just work for bigger companies and consume what government says to consume. The government gets to run your life in every aspect.
  • This country produced many inventors and entrepreneurs in the past thanks to the freedom, liberty, and neutrality it provided for every little guy. That helped him to convert his dream and talent to a successful venture.

Death to small businesses & small farmers….

  • American small businesses are stripped off opportunities they deserve as wall street had taken over control of all businesses.
  • All start-ups nowadays are funded not less than 5 Million dollars mostly by large investors and larger corporates. This puts the small guy with great ideas with no access to big businesses at a disadvantage. Even with some local funds, he/she cannot compete with this wall street start-ups as they have so much of capital pool to take away the market share quickly.
  • Small businesses are exposed to the same legal and governmental formalities that big businesses go through. Small time farmers are forced to work for larger farmers and corporates as they were forced to follow so much of law & regulations which make them almost impossible to be profitable.

Bogus concept of Fair-Share……

  • In the name of fair-share, hard working American’s wealth is taken away and handed over to lazy Americans( and not-Americans ). It is wrong to assume the tax is the way government does it.
  • The government does it mostly through other means like a) printing more paper money with ZERO value to reduce your cash value. B) creating more investment opportunities for sectors like information technology, banking and other unaccountable / fictions and bogus industries where the budget and expenses can be cooked to a massive extent, and the share goes to top 10% only. C) support the credit system to make it impossible for a hard working American to catch up while a high paying American and not-American enjoy the benefits of the credit system. D) converting tangible assets like gold, silver, land and properties as tradable commodities so that the derivative multi-fold value of those commodities are owned by the top % of the people. In other words, you may physically have these assets but the value of them is not enjoyed by you.

Dominance of Formal Education…

  • Americans were told by the government that you need formal education to earn high paying jobs, but in reality, you needed mostly the skills. This nation was entirely based on success through skills building and talent. But now it has become a success through formal college education, which is unaffordable anyway for most. So, most of them work on minimum wage for larger companies.
  • Some would argue that college dropouts don’t get anywhere. Yes, it is true to some extent, mostly because of the society now been created to reward formal education by the government as they love to create more workers for the big businesses. Government loves to create workers for government & large businesses. They hate entrepreneurs, small businesses, and self-employed because these guys don’t rely on the government for everything.

Skills Based and Multidisciplinary growth crisis…

  • Americans are told that you needed math and science education to be successful in the world. While it is true that math & science are important, no government should preach that you should only adopt these things to be successful.
  • There are more than 70K types of jobs in this country, and most of them need only some form of cognitive skills. But not to the extent of it can be only done by math & science geniuses. This is the way to take away the opportunities for the generations and hand it over to the recent immigrants who are good in these skills.
  • Remember, we have not got into the year 2016 directly. We have traveled 1000s of years to reach here. Science was always there in every human society in the history, so as other fields. Isn’t it evil to say that you must be a science, math or computer guy to earn three times more?  This is not the America it used to be.

Constitutional crisis…

  • Constitution of this country is taken for a ride. A particular group of rich and filthy rich people would like to control the judiciary through the government department. The united states constitution is made of three leg- tripod system with checks & balances.
  • imaging one leg is broken out of the tripod system of America already with dummy presidents like Obama and Clinton.
  • Now they are trying to take away the second leg as well so that everything will become government — executive, legislative & judiciary. Means only 5% of the people are going (already) controlling the rest of us.


  • Globalization and one-world society are wrong for the local economy. Period!
  • It is fine for promoting globalization for cultural, trade and humanity exchanges. But those who behind this beautiful concept are using it for the creation of global businesses and workers working for these global businesses.
  • They are ignoring locals because they wanted the locals to be used as consumers for this global system. This benefits the large corporations, big bankers, and big government. Not the common man, the local guy!
  • “unity in diversity” should be used for social integration; not for social insertion or domination. Both the words “unity” as well as “diversity” points to one thing – people. You cannot ignore one section of the people especially one who is the host/aborigine of the country to create an opportunity for the immigrant. The immigrant should take so much of patient initiatives to integrate themselves in many aspects other than just economics – social, civil, judicial, cultural. The government is falsely guiding immigrants in this matter which is now leading to displeasure and civil unrest.


  • the single most enemy of any nation and its law abiding, hard working and honest people is “corruption”!
  • they need a big government because it is easy to loot from the single place which they are doing. 
  • The most corrupt people are the ones who are closer to government and closer to wall street controlled businesses. America has lost so many families owned honorable businesses which once started as a small business with seed money from hard work. These businesses are sidelined by wall street funded and controlled businesses with the help of government because it is not possible to buy out family pride. Family owned, small businesses has more patriotism, more care for locals, more love for the society as they always feel accountable to the people. Wall Street promoted and owned companies has to coo ( not all, but most of them ) are so corrupt and they only work for their salary and compensation and many times against the very own society which they belong. Greed is good as wall street say, but greed with integrity is what good for society.
  • Corruption leads to acceptance of mediocrity. It leads to converting and trading everything as commodity including integrity, sovereignty, responsibility, honesty, etc. while many nations are stuck with the socialistic government corruption, and some are working hard to progress out of it, America is dragged the other way. It’s sad.

Brand America is at stake and is melting down!!

  • Every average American will understand the value of “brand.” Imagine what wall street did to “AOL”. Instead of taking this highly successful 90s internet company to next generation, they dumped it as they wanted their other businesses to be held in the newer markets as they can capitalize more.
  • Pretty much the same the global players are doing with the help of Obama, bringing down the brand value of America. Everything this man did in the past eight years leads to melting down of American brand value around the world. He made the country soft; he apologized to every other nation; he walked weakly among world leaders; he created bad deals, he left other countries to take over us economically.
  • Every invention created on American soil with the support of American citizens depends heavily on the brand value of America to sell to the world. Isn’t it stupid to bring down America’s value? That’s exactly they did. And they will continue to do it because they are preparing for capitalizing with the world economy, world system, and world currency!

Risk of creation of multiple legal system based on ethnic & religious groups !!

  • This nation successfully kept state away from religion. But now it will slowly get into hands of religions controlling it.
  • Some of the newer generation immigrant community will become so influential that they will very much try to create an alternate legal system for them. It will create large imbalance and chaos.
  • there will be too much of conflict between state believe and religious belief which will create enforcement of once’s belief system to the other.

And how to avoid  this…

I will present the scenarios of problems with Hillary’s presidency in my second presentation.  And then later will show what trump’s present will do to avoid & solve these issues in the third presentation of the series.

Suresh Kannan