Disgusting WikiLeaks Revelation Exposes Benghazi Bombshell Nobody Saw Coming

It’s a glimpse into the dark soul of the Democrat nominee even Democrats should flinch at.

The latest WikiLeaks release of emails hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta contains an internal discussion about Clinton’s 11-hour testimony to Congress last year that’s chilling in its callousness.

To Team Hillary, it appears, the slaughter of Americans in Benghazi meant the country lost a “game” … but they could possibly turn the loss into political advantage.

In an email sent to Clinton’s inner circle by veteran speechwriter Dan Schwerin, the wordsmith includes a proposed “post-game” statement that trivializes the investigation into the deaths of four Americans at the hands of a mob of Islamic terrorists as some kind of “political theater” meant to distract the masses.


Schwerin’s flip use of “post-game” talk to describe a statement by a candidate for the presidency after a congressional hearing into a terrorist attack might be chalked up to professional boredom. It might even be insiders’ jargon in a job where words have lost all attachment to the reality they’re supposed to convey.

He’s a hired hack, after all, a guy who’s been putting words into the mouth of the country’s most notorious political liar since Aaron Burr, including those four years Clinton “served” (herself) as secretary of state.

What’s really noteworthy here is the response from “cdm,” as in Cheryl D. Mills, an attorney and another longtime member of the Clintons’ inner circle. (She was a key part of Bill’s defense team during his impeachment trial, and Hillary’s chief of staff at the State Department. Now, she’s the candidate’s lawyer.)

She doesn’t object to Schwerin’s phrasing on moral grounds, or argue that respecting four brave men who died for their country ought to have any part in the campaign’s consideration. Nope, her concern was solely with letting Clinton’s fellow Democrats wallow in the mud of partisan bickering.

“I don’t want her to go into partisanship. Dems did it,” Mills wrote. “Let her stay above. I would take out everything in brackets.”

Now, it’s true enough that Clinton had plenty of Democrat friends on the House Select Committee on Benghazi who were more than willing to roll in the mud on her behalf – getting personally stained must be part of the thrill of working for the Clintons (and not just for White House interns).

But take a look at what she bracketed. Mills didn’t object to Schwerin’s juvenile tone in his introduction (maybe that’s the kind of “locker room” talk liberals like to toss around), nor did she object to calling the hearing “political theater” on the grounds of good taste or respect for the dead.

Nope, it was a plainly political calculation – just like Hillary Clinton’s coffin-side lie to Patricia Smith that Smith’s son really died in Libya because of an anti-Islamic internet video only a handful of people had ever seen.

The leaked email drew an outrage on social media that made it a trending story Thursday morning on Twitchy.com. 

Here’s a sampling.

Well, that didn’t work out so well for the players on the ground. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, State Department information officer Sean Smith, and security contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were left without protection – and wave after wave of heavily armed Islamic terrorists coming to take their lives.

Clinton apologists can argue that Schwerin’s phrase wasn’t referring to the attack at all, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that from the moment the first shots were fired at that U.S. outposts in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Obama administration calculated not in terms of the American lives that were at risk, but the risk to the president’s re-election that the dead of Benghazi represented. And the risk to the political aspirations of the woman who desperately wanted to follow Obama into the Oval Office.

That’s why the cover-up started that led to the House committee on Benghazi in the first place. The risk to Clinton’s re-election is why the cover-up continues today.

The presidency is a power game to the Clintons — a real-life game of thrones — and always has been.

The ultimate losers died in places like Benghazi, of course. But the rest of us are just losers to the Clinton mob, too.