DOJ Just Sent Disturbing Letter About FBI Investigation… Who Signed It Is Turning Heads

It’s a plot twist novelist John Grisham would be ashamed to try.

After a weekend of political turmoil set off by FBI Director James Comey’s bombshell announcement that the bureau is investigating up to 650,000 emails found on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the Department of Justice is jumping into the mix. Loretta Lynch’s DOJ is assuring Congress the renewed probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails is getting the department’s full support.

But even a best-selling author of legal conspiracy thrillers wouldn’t have pulled a character like this into the case.

In a letter to irate Democrat senators complaining about Comey’s decision to go public with the bureau’s renewed interest in whether Clinton broke the law, a senior Justice Department official wrote Monday that the department would contribute the resources necessary to help the FBI get to the bottom of things:

The Department of Justice (the Department) appreciates the concerns raised in your letter. We assure you that the Department will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible.

That sounds innocuous enough, until the signature on the letter jumps out: “Peter J. Kadzik, assistant attorney general.”

In that light, the prospect of the FBI and the Obama Justice Department continuing to “work closely” together on the Clinton email scandal is like Boss Hogg’s nephew getting to the bottom of things in Hazzard County.

Americans who’ve been following the Byzantine turns of the Clinton email saga should find Kadzik’s name familiar. It just so happens that Kadzik is a close, personal friend of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. His hacked email server has been the source of the embarrassing revelations WikiLeaks has published about the Clinton crime family’s deep ties in the nation’s media, the Democratic National Committee, and the United State government itself.

As The Point noted last week, the Podesta-Kadzik link is even seedier than other incestuous relationships in the media-Democratic industrial complex that governs Washington and keeps the bad news about liberals in check.

Not only have the two men known each other since their law school days (no one can help who their classmates are), but they have been tight ever since.

Kadzik represented Podesta when he needed a lawyer as a deputy chief of staff in the Bill Clinton White House during its bunker days in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

After Podesta was promoted to chief of staff, Kadzik — the man apparently overseeing the DOJ’s “resources” dedicated to reviewing the new trove of emails — used him to lobby Clinton for his last-day pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich. That episode represented an abuse of presidential power that was a low even for a man accustomed to using White House interns to sexually satisfy himself in the Oval Office. (Read that sentence again for an idea of where the Clintons have taken this country.)

In fact, Podesta recommended Kadzik for his job at the Obama Justice Department, writing in an email that Kadzik was “a fantastic” lawyer who “kept me out of jail.” (Not that he made sure justice was served, but that he kept the key Democrat operative “out of jail.”)

On the night after Hillary Clinton spent 11 hours being grilled by the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Kadzik and Podesta dined together. If Clinton’s various legal problems — and presidential aspirations — weren’t actually part of the conversation, they were a big, old elephant in the middle of the room.

And this Peter Kadzik is the man now writing to Democrat senators to vow that the Justice Department will devote “all necessary resources” to thoroughly investigating an email scandal that could – and assuredly should – shatter his old friend’s chance of successfully managing a campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Now, Kadzik is the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs, so on the DOJ’s organizational flow chart, he’s the logical one to be communicating with senators on the department’s behalf. Even Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy told Fox News on Tuesday that, “Peter Kadzik is not a decision maker, he is a messenger.”

Technically that’s true enough, but it’s the unstated message Kadzik is sending these Democrat senators that’s really important: “We’re all on the same side here, we’re all pulling for Hillary, and we’ve got this covered. We’ll make sure the proper filter is applied to those potentially incriminating emails.” (Imagined thoughts, of course.)

It was the same message Kadzik’s boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, sent when she met with Bill Clinton on a secluded airport tarmac in Phoenix while the FBI was still investigating Clinton’s wife. In the end, it was Lynch’s decision on whether Hillary Clinton would face criminal charges, even though it was Comey who announced the decision.

It’s the same message President Obama sent when he lied to the American people about when he learned about Hillary’s private email setup.

Now, it’s Kadzik, with his documented relationship to Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff and Hillary Clinton’s current campaign chairman, who’s charged with assuring Congress the latest leg of the investigation will be completed quickly.

What’s truly astonishing is, the power, prestige, history and responsibility of the presidency of the United States is in the hands of a cast of characters tawdry enough, crooked enough, and shameless enough, to make a crime writer blush.

This is a plot twist even John Grisham wouldn’t try.