Dumped by a person after he/she achieved what he/she wanted?


We all had been there. Right?

It’s just not the love relationship. It happens in business and other relationships as well.

You love, groom, counsel, encourage, share the pain, share the wallet with the person when they are down. And when they come out of their misery or become successful, the very first thing they do is dump you – the one who was with them during tough times.

What is the reason behind it? Why people behave nastily?

Well, there are Multiple reasons, mostly psychological.

1. When a person’s life turned to colorful from blue, they feel like rejuvenation. It is a state of mind with enjoyment; which they wanted to be permanent. With you around them, they are reminded of the past, which they hate to go back. So, they try to get you out of their life so that they can only focus on the future.

2. While you thought you are helping them, they thought they are using you. So, you are useless after that, and they had to throw you.

3. They always thought they are better than you and being with you is not worth of their standard.

4. They wanted to prosper more in life, find better opportunities, find a better person (if love) than you.

5. While you accepted them in your life, they thought they are compromising being with you or they are stuck with you.

Whatever the case may be, these people are going to dump you for one reason or the other because that the way they are. So, when you put time and effort for a person, evaluate their worthiness of your time and love. It is not their current situation that you should have pity about, you should also look into their past before investing your love or time or money on the person. “You are who you are based on what you did in the past and what went on your mind.” So, When people allowed something to happen to them and opened their mind to something, chances are great that they will repeat it. Mr. Ziglar says this way, if you keep giving to people, they keep taking it whether they deserve it or not. It is you who should put a limit to it. There is no point in blaming these people because you made a mistake of taking wrong people in your life. So, be careful next time when you take someone in your wings or help or fall in love. Ask the question, do they deserve it? While helping people makes you good human being, helping wrong people makes you a loser. So, give people what they deserve; not what they want. Help them by making them come to your life; don’t turn your life around them. Don’t make yourself and your help available too much to them. Too many things too soon without effort goes not valued properly. Break their heart by your love, care and affection, don’t let them break your heart by treachery, backstabbing, and false love. Finally remember this, they are not getting any far after dumping you because..history will repeat, especially for people who don’t learn from it. And God will not help them in any way. So, next time, help right people, fall in love with right person, And…don’t change your life too soon for them.

Suresh Kannan