EXPLOSIVE: Here’s Exactly How Hillary Tried To Fool America About Her Server… Under Oath

We all knew that the web of lies Hillary Clinton has spun around her email server was going to get washed away by the downpour of truth sooner or later. But who would have dreamed it would happen less than one week before the election?

As if the FBI’s announcement that they’re restarting the investigation into her private server wasn’t enough, two bombshell revelations Thursday seemed to contradict Hillary’s statements on whether her server was, in fact, the target of hack attacks. One of the revelations even appeared to contradict sworn testimony Clinton gave in an affidavit.

In other words, Hillary Clinton is in very deep trouble…and sinking fast.

First, Fox News reported that the FBI sources indicated that no less than five foreign intelligence services had made their way into Hillary Clinton’s private server. Second, remarks given privately by Hillary to Deutsche Bank AG employees indicate that Clinton knew, during her time as secretary of state, that the State Department and its employees were the target of cyber-attacks “every hour of every day.”

In an appearance on Fox News Channel Wednesday night, anchor Brett Baier revealed FBI sources told him foreign intelligence services had conducted successful cyber attacks on Clinton’s unsecured server.

“(W)e learned there is a confidence from these sources that her server had been hacked,” Baier said. “And that it was a 99 percent accuracy that it had been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that things had been taken from that.”

The Fox News anchor also revealed that The FBI is anticipating pursuing an indictment in the related investigation into the Clinton Foundation and so-called “pay-to-play” schemes involving the former secretary of state.

“I pressed again and again on this very issue,” Baier continued. “The investigations will continue, there is a lot of evidence. And barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon was reporting a different angle of the Clinton email scandal: The fact that Clinton knew that the State Department was the target of malicious cyber-attacks.

This was not something Clinton herself was so naive as to dismiss or deny years ago.

“We were attacked every hour of every day and not only through the State Department system, but also through individual, personal accounts, just really fishing for anything they could get,” Clinton said during the October 2014 remarks, as revealed by leaked documents.

“I don’t think we’ve yet taken it seriously enough as a nation,” she continued. “I think this is a rolling threat that will only increase in intensity and so I appointed the first ever cyber security expert in the State Department.”

Rather ironically, her remarks were discovered because she attached a transcript in an email to John Podesta, now her campaign chairman You, uh, probably can extrapolate from there.

Hillary’s remarks are at odds with her public statements — and in some cases, sworn testimony — that she had no knowledge of any hacking attempts against her private server and that it was never hacked.

In one of her sworn responses in written testimony in a lawsuit filed by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, Hillary’s lawyer wrote, “…Secretary Clinton states that she does not recall being advised, cautioned, or warned during her tenure as Secretary of State about hacking or attempted hacking of her clintonemail.com e-mail account or the server that hosted her clintonemail.com account.”

Yet, according to her remarks, such accounts were being attacked “every hour of every day.”

Another WikiLeaks email indicates that Justin Cooper, the Hillary IT aide who helped maintain the server, mailed Huma Abedin when Hillary’s BlackBerry wasn’t working to say that, “We were attacked again so I shut it down for a few min.”

The attempted attacks were bad enough, but Hillary swore to America on a stack of copies of “Hard Choices” that there was no way her server could have been breached. We now know, apparently, that’s a complete and total fabrication.

It’s a fabrication that Hillary’s media minions have been happy to buy, though. In a March piece, The New York Times said that “(a) former aide to Hillary Clinton has turned over to the F.B.I. computer security logs from Mrs. Clinton’s private server, records that showed no evidence of foreign hacking, according to people close to a federal investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

“The security logs bolster Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that her use of a personal email account to conduct State Department business while she was the secretary of state did not put American secrets into the hands of hackers or foreign governments.”

Close, but no cigar, Grey Lady. Well, hardly even close…

Now, just so we’re clear, The Times is reporting that someone from Clinton’s camp turned over evidence that Hillary’s server wasn’t hacked, which bolsters Hillary’s case that she wasn’t hacked. If Woodward and Bernstein had been that gullible, Congress would probably be soliciting architectural designs for the Nixon Monument.

Liberals are complaining about the “timing” of these latest revelations. (Curiously, these are the same people who never seemed terribly concerned about the “timing” of the endless parade of women accusing Donald Trump of sexually-inappropriate behavior. But I digress.)

However, had the media done its job back when this story first broke, we wouldn’t be getting these revelations less than a week before the election.

Hillary Clinton is in trouble — as Charles Krauthammer recently said, she’s “drowning” — and there isn’t much that can save her now.

Not even her beloved liberal media.