Globalization has not helped small businesses and common man as much as it has helped big businesses & bankers.

Last few decades, we have all been preached about Globalization in such a manner as if it is good for everybody. Sans doubts, it is true that globalization has helped us to understand other cultures, share knowledge, share science & medicine, and explore the world. But it is also true that it has not helped a common man, a common citizen, and the small businesses in the economic growth as much as it has helped the Bankers and Big Businesses. This is the primary contributing factor for people to turn back to Globalization and embrace Nationalization.

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  • Isn’t it fair enough for #Americans to ask why do I need to worry about feeding the world when my own children are starving?
  • Is it too much to ask that the fellow Americans should be at the opportunity first (especially when it is created within this country’s economy)?
  • Do we need to keep our house doors open at all times? Is it too much of an issue for an American to close the borders?
  • It is good to share knowledge with the world! But is it too much to ask if the knowledge gets shared with an American first? And provide enough opportunity to use that knowledge?
Even in the most basic theories of economics, every investment has ROI. So, is it unfair for an American to ask for a return on investment from the world? Why does the world see America as a default provider instead of a trading partner? America too needs its good ROI. If countries don’t give that ROI, there is nothing wrong in putting halts on dealing with them further. An exactly, that’s what should you do as an individual American. Why are Americans giving a clean chit to the US government to be the loser in the economic dealings with the world?
The Bankers and the Big Businesses (that rely on the capital market) want the globalization to grow in order to keep the countries, governments and people as their pawns. They devise the rules of the game, control it and make sure they win always. The moment they sniff that countries/people try to take it back, they get worried and devote themselves completely to stopping it from progressing further. Best weapon in their armory is the political parties and they use them profusely to achieve their goals. For the first time in decades, one guy is talking Nationalism, Why to ignore him. He is the only chance America has to take the control back. Don’t worry; even centuries before globalization, trades were happening between America and the rest of the world. Every invention in the US was spread to the world and the US got its fair returns from those inventions. The world will keep their doors open for American traders and the world traders will come to America with good products & services in exchange of tangible products & services, not just for trading $$.
People may point out it as backward thinking, but it is not actually. Nations have been trading with each other for 1000s of years. Do you think it is going to stop now? I am only talking about using globalization as an excuse and a tool for unfair trade practices, illegal money laundering, and currency trading. The world may very soon replace $ with some global currently. Trust me, let them do it. America will not lose any deal more than it is losing now. In fact, America will gain a lot more because Americans were always good businessmen, good merchant, good inventors, and fair traders. They will find a way to properly make and sell their products to the world at a much higher profit without riding on puffy currency exchange value.
Suresh Kannan
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