Hillary In Meltdown As Once Safe Blue States Turn To Trump – Why They’re Turning Says It All

This is what Hillary Clinton and her media minions have been dreading.

With the calendar rolling toward Election Day, polls at the state and national levels have been tightening to the point where states that looked safe for the Democrat nominee only a week ago are suddenly more in play than anyone on either side of the political battle line would have bet at this point.

And it all comes back to concerns about Clinton’s honesty – or “Crooked Hillary’s” crookedness, as Donald Trump would put it.

Nationally, according to an ABC News poll released the same day, Trump held a slim 46 to 45 percent lead. It’s within the margin of error, but still the first time he’s been on top the entire campaign. And what’s happening in one crucial battleground state explains the turnaround as well as any ….

In a state where Democrats thought they would cruise to an easy win, a Hampton University poll of likely Virginia voters released Wednesday shows Trump with a three-point lead over Clinton. That’s a dramatic turnaround from a month ago, when the same poll showed Hillary ahead in the Old Dominion by 12 points.

Asked whom would they vote for “if the election were held today,” Virginians went for Trump by 44 percent to Clinton’s 41 percent, a stark turnaround from early October when the 46 opted for Clinton and only 34 percent for Trump.

In the most recent Hampton poll, Trump was considered “honest” by 42 percent of the voters – which doesn’t sound great until it’s compared to Clinton’s dismal 34 percent.

The reason?

The time between the polls has witnessed some game-changing events, almost all of them surrounding Hillary Clinton and the investigation into her private email server during her time as secretary of state.

In at least one of them Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was in a starring role when it turned out that the wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who held a key position in the Clinton email investigation, had received almost $500,000 in campaign donations from a political action committee McAuliffe controls.

Besides being governor of Virginia, McAuliffe is part of the Clintons’ inner circle — the chairman of Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, and chairman of Hillary’s 2008 run, in addition to heading up the DNC and being the chief salesman behind the infamous selling of the Lincoln bedroom in the Clinton White House.

Naturally, the story stunk to high heaven – like everything else the Clintons have been involved in this election season – and it kept the spotlight on an issue Hillary hoped had been put to rest back in July, when FBI Director James Comey announced on national television that he would not recommend criminal prosecution in the email case.

So when Comey issued an even more dramatic announcement in a letter to Congress on Friday that he was renewing the investigation, Virginians – and Americans everywhere – knew Hillary was in trouble again – and the polls are showing how much it’s hurting her.

And the ABC poll not only gave Trump the lead, it gave him a yuge margin when it comes to the question of honesty: 46 percent of likely voters polled considered Trump honest, while 38 percent considered Hillary honest.

ABC, being ABC, makes a point of noting that just because more people think Clinton is dishonest doesn’t mean more people think Trump is honest, but that’s largely irrelevant to the outcome.

And now, with the Fox News report that an indictment may well be waiting in the wings regarding a Clinton Foundation investigation that the FBI has been conducting for about a year, the bad news threatens to bury the Clinton camp like lava from an exploding volcano.

The real news is that after being a demonstrable, proven liar on the national stage for more than 25 years, Hillary Clinton is still able to claim that about a third of American voters actually tell pollsters she’s honest. Since it’s doubtful that fully one third-of Democrats are actually insane, it’s much more likely they’re willing to pretend she’s honest long enough to vote another Democrat administration in, and reap the subsequent domestic benefits (real or imagined).

It goes a long way toward explaining the Democrat Party in the 21st century.

States outside Virginia are showing a similar swing in momentum toward the Trump campaign, but the big question of course is whether it will be enough to move the needle when the actual votes are counted.

As International Business Times reported, Trump is ahead in the states he must win for a viable chance at the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency and in a position for an upset in several states that could swing the election his way.

As IBT reported:

While Florida may potentially remain a coin-flip of sorts, Ohio has seemingly turned in favor of Trump. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has the GOP nominee up 2.5 points, while the most recent survey from Remington had him up 5 points. ABC’s election forecast shifted the Buckeye state yesterday from a toss-up to a Republican-leaning state. Clinton can take solace in an Emerson College poll released Oct. 29 that found the race was all tied up in Ohio and that the FiveThirtyEight forecast still gives her a 40 percent chance of winning the state.

Nevada is also increasingly looking good for Trump, according to recent polling. The Real Clear Politics average has him up a half-point in the state. Remington gave him a 4-point lead last week, but the Emerson College poll just before that had Clinton up 2 points. The early voting figures, however, have looked really good for the Democratic nominee and FiveThirtyEight gave her an about 57 percent chance of winning the state Wednesday.

Iowa, meanwhile, also looks like it could go either way. The Real Clear Politics average has Trump up 1.4 percentage points but the latest poll from Quinnipiac University last week had the race tied. SurveyMonkey had Trump up 5 points last week and FiveThirtyEight gave Trump an about 61 percent chance of winning the state Wednesday.

Now, it appears that Colorado is also in play for the Republican ticket. Clinton’s recent 8-point lead in The Centennial State has slipped dramatically to less than a 2-point margin, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

The bottom line here is this: With only a handful of days to go before the vast majority of voters go to actual polls, Hillary’s long history of dishonesty is finally bearing fruit, and definitely not the kind Democrats were expecting.

The James Comey letter to Congress last Friday not only opened up the Clinton investigation again, it opened a can of worms Clinton had to be dreading.

And no one deserves it like she does.