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hopintoinnercircle As a Karma Yogi, my journey will continue in educating, training and creating opportunities for disadvantaged inner-city, rural ( and urban ) folks in whatever way I can. While I continue working on pursuing opportunities for my businesses by selling its products and services worldwide, I will also spend as much time possible to uplift as many of you possible along the way. I am not claiming that I will invest millions of dollars or give business opportunities or promise in getting you high paying jobs. But what I am promising is, I will take you into my Inner Circle. Being an inner circle member,  you will learn and gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge of information technology businesses. It is a myth that only super smart people and big businesses can get into & make money in IT business. Probably it was true during the past generation of IT. But with the newly transformed business word, process oriented robotic IT enablement can help anyone to gain the same advantage as others already in it. So, keep in mind; you don’t have to be computer literate or hold a degree in computer science or business to be successful in the IT businesses moving forward. There are so many workers and small businessmen around the world making money in IT without having a college degree or a lot of capital. There is something called “common sense” and basic cognitive skills that you gain from high school and with your experience from the industry that you worked till now. You can put all of them work for you to grow in IT.  Perhaps you can still get a job or start a business in your field of expertise by putting IT work for you fantastically. Being an inner circle member, you will equip yourself with skills & knowledge so that you shall apply that in your career life to grow. It does not cost you anything to be a member of Inner Circle. It’s Free for the lifetime! Are you ready? Fill up the simple form below and submit it. See you in my Inner Circle!!


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