Internet Of Things! The next Boom. Hop on to the train to success!!

Concept of Internet of Things. 3D rendering image.

It is official now, “Internet of things(IOT), digital transformation and Robotic Process Automation” are merging and poised for pushing a massive wealth shift around the world. Robotics is finally reaching its full potential with transformational robotics where intelligence gets transformed from one sensor to the other. Large enterprises are scared to death of who is going to take over their market share next with a new disruptive technology.

You may ask, What is in there for me? My field of working is different. My career is going well, and I am at a safer position as I have the skills and experience to handle my current employer’s / client’s needs. The project is highly stable, and it is going to go for many years, etc.,

Well, Not exactly!

Let me put it this way,

“Jobs are like Energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. It transforms from one form to another”. So, your responsibility is to understand the transformation and equip yourself beautifully with grabbing the newer opportunities in the transformed world. Same with business & project opportunities. Your experience and skills took you up to this point in your life, but more advanced expertise and knowledge will get you to the future.

Do you remember the book “Who moved my Cheese?” If you have read that book, you will get what I am explaining here. There is a massive transformation happening in the IT & business world where the CXO and investors are shifting their entire focus. Some of these transformations are:

> the way business enterprises work – process oriented transformation.

> the way money works – Bitcoins & Blockchain are changing the game of banking & Reserve currency system.

> The way consumers are behaving – people are replaced by robots and robots & people together represent and perform activities – IOT

Your cheese will be moved, i.e., it will be gone. It does not matter how well funded your employer or client is, they may scrap the projects that attract no more attention from management/investors. The investors are shifting their focus on to things that are going to give them the ROI in the IOT world. Why should they fund managing traditional IT or business Assets who don’t carry any significance in the digitally transformed world?

Got it?

Now, it is the right time to take action!

I urge you to take your time to learn, practice, acquire skills in this new technology / concept to make yourself highly equipped for fast growing multi-trillion dollar game. It is the game changer like what dot-com did in the 90s.

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