Krauthammer Goes For Hillary’s Jugular With 5 Brutal Words To Describe Her Campaign

It wouldn’t be clear from the still-glowing mainstream media coverage, but with the presidential election only days away, Hillary Clinton’s camp is getting desperate.

Faced with brand new revelations mounting daily about the corruption of the Obama Justice Department’s investigation into her explosive email scandal, and polls showing a remarkably tight race, Democrats are recycling attacks on Republican nominee Donald Trump that might have hurt the first time around, but get weaker in the retelling.

And according to Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer, the American people are paying attention.

Mainstream media figures, Washington analysts and political professionals might be steeped in the drama of twists and turns in the Byzantine Clinton corruption scandals, but the mass of middle America is just getting the headlines, Krauthammer said. And the headlines are not good for Hillary Clinton.

“We’re looking at all the weeds and the details of this,” Krauthammer said Tuesday on Fox News “Special Report with Bret Baier.” It’s different for Americans who don’t live in the media bubble of the Beltway, he said.

“”What they see is cover up, concealment, and perhaps even lying,” Krauthammer observed. “There’s no way of getting out of that.”

Check out Krauthammer’s take here.

Just about anyone who follows Republican politics – and every supporter of Republican nominee Donald Trump who watches Fox News – knows Krauthammer has been skeptical about the GOP standard-bearer going back to the furious primary fight days.

Though he has found time to agree on some key issues, Krauthammer is no Trump fan, so when he talks about the Clinton campaign running on empty in the home stretch, it would do well to listen.

Considering the bombshell of negative publicity that exploded on Clinton Friday, when FBI Director James Comey announced he was renewing an FBI investigation into Clinton’s email scandal, the Democrats almost certainly would have reacted by unleashing a new attack on Trump – if they had one.

Instead, Clinton has trotted out a Venezuelan-born Miss Universe pageant winner from 20 years ago who accused Trump – again – of behaving boorishly. Clinton got mileage out of Alicia Machado’s accusations after the final presidential debate and is clearly hoping for more of the same a second time around.

That speaks volumes, Krauthammer said.

“What’s happening is, she’s now drowning in the cumulative effects of the WikiLeaks [email releases] and the FBI deal,” Krauthammer said. “When you have to bring Alicia Machado back on-stage three weeks later, or is it now four weeks later, you’ve got nothing left in the tank.

“This is a desperation move, but it’s her only move – because nothing she says can escape the black hole of all this incoming ammunition.”

It’s a mixed metaphor, but it gets the message across pretty well: “nothing left in the tank.”

The Clinton campaign is wrapped up in its own secrecy now, and taking fire from a chain of events Hillary started herself on that long ago day when she arrogantly and carelessly decided to conduct U.S. State Department business on her own private email server.

It’s no wonder the campaign is getting desperate. Even if she were to win the election, whatever credibility she’s had has disappeared as permanently as light going into a black hole in space. And a second Clinton administration would no doubt be consumed by countless investigations and recriminations by career government workers intent on exposing the core corruption of the first crime family.

And that’s desperation that already carries the stink of decay.