Love & Apology – Tangled!!

To be forgiven by a person, you need to apologize through the heart for whatever wrong you did to that person. To ask for an apology, you need to forgive that person for whatever wrong he/she did to you. For you to forgive that person, She/He should apologize to you. So, it is a circle.

So, finally, in most cases, people don’t apologize to each other.

The reasons?

> His/her mistake is much more than mine, so let him/her apologize to me.

> Well., I never did anything wrong; it is he/she who was wrong

> Jeez, I wanted to apologize. But what if he/she does not apologize back for his/her mistake and gets upper hand in my life because of it?

> I have apologized to God for my mistake, that is good enough.

> I have got my apology, but I should not apologize because that will make him/her equal or take the upper hand.

So, how to solve this problem?

It depends on what do you expect out of this person or the situation.

Case 1: If you love this person and he/she does not love you.

You want that person to be in your life because you love him/her. So, forgive the person regardless of who he/she is, irrespective of whether she/he apologizes. But don’t turn your life completely around that person because he/she does not love you. Until the person loves you, it is not worth to turn your life for that person. But forgive and continue to love.

Case 2: If you love this person and he/she also loves you.

Forgive him/her and start making changes in your life around the person so that he/she will ask for forgiveness eventually. Even if he/she does not ask for forgiveness(may be ego or something), you continue to love and align your life. The key is, “Love.”

Case 3: If you don’t love that person and she/he loves you.

Forgive the person and try to learn to love the person for who he/she is. Remember, you don’t have to compromise anything for anyone because compromise is a negative thing. You should accept the person for who they are.

Case 4: Neither of you loves each other.

Why the hell you are wasting time with that person? It does not matter whether you apologize or he/she apologizes to you. No need to continue any meaningless relationship. Love and love alone should bring you both together.