Like A Boss, Trump Campaign Manager Puts A Whoopin’ On Whoopi In Fiery ‘View’ Visit

Whatever Kellyanne Conway is making, she’s earned every penny of it.

On a return trip to the not-so-friendly confines of ABC’s “The View,” the woman who manages Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign turned a torrent of juvenile taunts and barbs on Hillary Clinton’s behalf into a coherent argument that made her look like the only adult in the room.

And the way she handled Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar was priceless.

In a way, it was the storyline of the Trump campaign versus the mainstream media, telescoped into two easily watched segments.

Liberals Goldberg and Behar were their normal snide selves, yukking it up for a clearly sympathetic – and possibly cued — audience. Conway represented the Republican nominee’s campaign with admirable class, deflecting groundless attacks without anger, answering laughter with logic. And quietly, firmly showing who was boss.

Check out the first part of it below. It’s well worth the time.

Early on, Conway addressed FBI Director James Comey’s announcement last Friday that he was renewing the bureau’s investigation of Clinton’s email scandal after approximately 650,000 emails potentially related to Clinton’s time as secretary of state turned up as part of an FBI investigation into sexually troubled ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Weiner, of course, is the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, whom Hillary has recently downgraded to “one of my staffers” as opposed to the “daughter” she formerly represented to the Democrat nominee.

“There’s obviously something [Clinton] is trying to hide,” Conway said. “All 650,000 emails can’t be Anthony Weiner taking pictures of himself and texting it to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.”

Then she turned the question to the focus that really mattered.

“We’re having this conversation today, not because of Jim Comey, not because of the FBI, not even because of emails. But because of Hillary Clinton. She decided to flout the law.”

Later, the abysmally ignorant Behar tried her hand at rattling the veteran Trump campaign manager and came up empty — and would have been humiliated if she had the wit or humility to realize it.

Check it out here.

Conway again kept the focus on Clinton’s record.

“You want her to be the president of the United State, you should look at her entire record,” Conway said. “You should see what she’s done in office.

“She owns the Russian reset, she owns Syria, she owns Libya, she owns the Middle East. She has not proven herself fit or qualified to be commander in chief.”

Liberal websites are playing the appearance up like it was some kind of triumph for the insufferably rude stars of “The View”  – they stopped being “ladies” long, long ago – but anyone who actually saw the interview knows the truth of the matter.

And the reality is, millions of women voters across the country — the target audience of “The View” — were treated to the best argument for Donald Trump a mainstream television show can offer with less than a week before the election. Conway might not have won their votes on Wednesday, but she made the case, and with the continuing bombshells exploding in the heart of the Clinton camp on a daily basis, it just might be enough.

Goldberg and Behar will cringe to admit it, but Conway closed with one piece of advice that could be ringing in their ears once the votes are counted.

“If you will welcome President-elect Trump, he will be here,” she said.

Absolutely priceless.