Massive Revelation From Hacked Emails Just Completely Shattered Hillary’s Biggest Talking Point

It’s always the hypocrisy that hurts her.

Hillary Clinton has built an entire presidential campaign on claims about her decades-long work to protect women and girls, and is only doubling down as she makes her closing argument in the final days before Nov. 8.

But as the latest WikiLeaks revelations prove, when it comes to politics, the Democrat standard-bearer is much more interested in protecting predators…and herself.

This should destroy once and for all Hillary’s pathetic pretense that she’s a champion of women’s rights. It should throw the final shovel full of dirt on the grave of the fairy tale that Hillary values and promotes the respect that women deserve.

As long as five years ago, former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Hillary aide Huma Abedin, was suspected by members of Clinton’s inner circle of sexually charged texting with underage girls. Clinton and her scheming aides did nothing to stop or push back against it, emails published by WikiLeaks show.

According to the New York Post, current Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri emailed longtime Clinton family adviser, now Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta in 2011 about a Fox News report that Delaware police were investigating Weiner for having sexual communications with an underage girl.

Palmieri’s one-word comment to close Clinton advisers accompanying the story about sexual perversion, and near-pedophilia: “Oof.”


Now, granted, there’s no way to read anyone’s mind from the monosyllabic scribble “oof.” It could mean, “that’s disgusting.” It could mean, “this could hurt our campaign.” It could mean, “I knew Huma never should have married that creep.”

But one thing it definitely does not mean is the only decent response a campaign that truly cares about women would have, which would be something along the lines of: “This is exactly the kind of reprehensible male behavior Hillary has taken a stand against for years and we need to denounce it right now.”

That’s because Hillary’s stance has always been built on empty rhetoric, and Palmieri had to know it. Besides being husband of the Clinton confidante Hillary once said was like her own “daughter,” Weiner was a Democrat, a member of the chosen who are permitted anything because they serve Clinton’s drive for power.

That has turned out to be a move of disastrous proportions for Hillary’s ambitions. It’s Weiner’s taste for electronic sex with teenage girls that was tangled up in Friday’s announcement by FBI Director James Comey that the bureau is renewing its investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

It’s a probe that could portend the very real possibility that Clinton and Abedin are guilty of more that being “careless” with national security secrets.

To conservatives who’ve followed the Clintons during their quarter-century in the national spotlight, there’s nothing particularly new about this hypocrisy regarding respect and protection for women. Bill Clinton’s amorous adventures and alleged sexual assaults cut a wide swath through Arkansas when he was living it up in the Razorback State in the 1980s, and every American who was alive in the 1990s knows he didn’t slow down when he got to Washington.

Whatever it might have cost Hillary personally, she seemed ready to pay the price as long as it kept her on her own path to power. Her treatment of Bill’s accusers was arguably even worse than her husband’s.

For all her talk of glass ceilings and women’s rights, sacrificing fellow females when necessary or convenient is part of Hillary’s pattern – and has been for a long time. Her duplicitous defense of an Arkansas man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl 40 years ago proved just how little she actually values the women and girls she pretends to champion.

Just as Clinton tries to close her campaign as a pioneer for American women, WikiLeaks publications are proving that the candidate and her staffers are utterly indifferent to crimes against women – if they are committed by men on the progressive end of the political spectrum.

Regardless of whether he’s legally a rapist, Bill Clinton is clearly a sexual predator in any moral sense. Regardless of whether he’s legally insane, Anthony Weiner is clearly disturbing to anyone with a moral sense.

But Hillary’s life – and her inner circle’s instincts – are clearly about protecting both.

And it’s really the hypocrisy that hurts her.