Missed By A Mile … Liberals Find Racism In World Series Signs, And Mockery Soon Follows

These are the people who understand “everyday Americans.”

While an estimated 40 million people watched Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday — enjoying the roller coaster ride of what became one of the classic contests in the Fall Classic — liberals and progressives were taking to social media to denounce the clearest evidence of “racism” in American culture today.

And striking out with the most awkward face-plant as they showed off their own abysmal ignorance .. to hilarious effect.

The moment came in the bottom of the eighth, when Cubs pitcher Aroldis Chapman was on the mound, and Fox television coverage cut to Indians fans cheering ferociously.

To anyone with even a passing familiarity with the national pastime, the fan shot was utterly unremarkable. To the uninitiated tuning in to a baseball game for the first time because it was a nail-biter of a Game 7 of the World Series, it would have been a mild curiosity — the kind of thing that might start a conversation in a bar or a living room.

A “K,” of course, is the traditional way of recording a swinging strikeout on a baseball scorecard. If the strike is called by the umpire – and the batter is caught looking – the K is written in reverse. (God knows what the libs might have come up with for that image.)

But for an Obama Era liberal, steeped in the misbegotten outrage of the Black Lives Movement and marinated in the fault-finding stew of righteous ignorance, it was the dark side of American racism writ – quite literally – large.

The liberal website Mediaite broke the news with gleeful abandon.


Wow, there it was, a Ku Klux Klan sign at the World Series — prompted no doubt by that racist Republican who secretly embraces the KKK, Donald Trump. The Republican ticket-topper was nominated in Cleveland, after all, right?

There are few things in the American culture wars that are truly laugh-out-loud funny, but a slew of aware and outraged Twitter users hit back hard at anyone accusing Cleveland Indians fans of being racists for behaving perfectly normally during the best sporting event the country may see this year.

With the courage of liberal sanctimony, Mediaite — trying to steal some semblance of self respect from the clownish embarrassment of the silly assault on baseball fans — rejiggered the piece to make it appear as though the fault really was with some random progressives on social media, with the byline removed.

With the same kind of courage, the Social Justice Warriors who were so quick to take to Twitter to point out the racist sign were pretty quick to delete evidence of their idiocy when the embarrassing truth became known.

But the men and women who corrected them weren’t ashamed to stay in the public eye.

What makes the whole thing particularly funny is just how long that “K” has been part of the history of the game — and the country.

Baseball fans have been recording strikeouts with a scorecard since before the Civil War, so  “K” was denoting strikeouts long before Nathan Bedford Forrest and his band of traitorous Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction.

It had been in practice for generations by the 1920s, when the KKK arose again as a militant arm of Democrat Party politics .

It was still being used by baseball when the Democrat KKK of the 1960s was attacking civil rights marchers, and Democrat Sen. Harry Byrd of Virginia was organizing the Democrat policy of “massive resistance” to school desegregation.

(Sen. Harry Byrd should not be confused with West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, Hillary Clinton’s friend and mentor, another Democrat whose roots in the KKK propelled him to a life of unparalleled Democrat arrogance for 50 self-aggrandizing years in the Senate. Federally funded projects in the Mountain State will bear the former Exalted Cyclops’ name for generations to come.)

The liberals who accused Indians fans of being racists don’t know any of that, though, or have done their best to forget it. It doesn’t fit the “narrative” of 2016, or the needs of the Democrat Party. Ignorance does.

Besides, they must all like bowling more anyway. All those civil rights leaders named “X.”