#PatrioticAmericans should not be blamed for having Love & deeper Connectivity to their Land!

It is quite surprising when many people talk about globalization stating that the world belongs to all and countries should not have borders.

Let me ask these folks,

Are you happy deep inside living in a country or a land far-far away from where you were born and raised as a child?

Be honest with yourself while answering. You know it very well; you have been missing something your entire life. Something, only you know and only you can describe. I am not talking about something along the lines of state of misery here, but yes, something without which life doesn’t feel good or at least satisfactory. You may have been utterly successful in raising a praiseworthy family in a new land; you may be having a fabulous house and a top of the range luxury car, substantial money in your bank accounts. But, deep inside, are you euphoric?

That something which is missing inside you is called “Connection to Motherland.” Your place, the place you call yours. Yes. I understand and agree that you left your homeland for various reasons including in quest of finding career opportunities, political stability, financial growth, etc. You should feel totally contented once you brought justice to the reasons behind your migration, whereas, you still are missing the place deeply where you were born and raised up.

Don’t you?

If you have such feeling for your homeland then why do you have complains about #PatrioticAmerican when they have a similar feeling of losing their land to the immigrants?

It is the patriotic feeling same as you have inside you for your motherland, then why do you want to label it as Racism, fundamentalism, etc. Families who ran from conflicts in their native lands, came and settled here, still talk about the glory of their hometown, no matter how much poverty and starvation were spreading up there. They still love the land they were born in no matter whatever grave crisis it was going thru. Then why sentiments and feelings of American citizens should be any different.

Why shouldn’t they feel that their country is slipping out of their grip? I have personally experienced that people from my village who migrated to other prosperous lands for raising their financial statuses still keep missing their homeland a lot. And to satisfy this feeling of love of the native soil they carve excuses to visit their villages and towns for occasions and reunions. Although these people do not reside in their villages anymore, if anyone from outside try to take their land for any reason whatsoever these people will instantly move a wave of solidarity and flock their villages in no time to confront the intruders. You all have a similar outlook no matter whichever part of the world you hail from. Won’t you do that? Whether you are a Doctor or an Engineer or a Scientist, you immediately get into conference calls and bring in people to talk about it or take the first flight to get to the conflict resolution.

Do you do it for money?


You do it for “Pride.” The deep love you have for your place of birth.

The pride you have for the love of your motherland. When you meet with any situation related to the protection of the interest of your homeland, your outlook suddenly wears a new dress, changes from liberal and progressive independent man to a well-dressed advocate of conservative values. You would even let your dignity go by getting into street brawls, but you wouldn’t let anyone raise even a distrustful finger at your homeland. The supreme feeling of love of the motherland always prevails, and no one should ever think about messing up with it.

So, why do you feel wrong about #patrioticAmerican feeling and talking conservatism? Why do you get upset when they get protective? Don’t you agree that even after 500 years, Native Americans feel that outsiders have occupied their land forcefully? More than owning the land, it is about forcefully occupying someone’s land.

Similarly, it is alright for an American who is living in this soil for three generations to feel that their land and resources are under attack. By the way, who is giving them this feeling? It is the globalization attitude of progressives who are sending these types of notes. I, invariably, observe that immigrants use the banal statements like America is the land of immigrants, everyone migrated here at some point in time, and it belongs to no one but Native Americans. It is true if you take history into consideration till 500 years ago but can you justify this statement if I move the needle of history to 5,000 years ago or maybe 50,000 years ago. Can you say America was the land of the Native Americans then? All nations closed their borders after independence and if America wants to close its border also or strengthen it more, what do you find wrong in it? For a matter of fact, India is the country of immigrants as well. History states when Aryans came to India, occupied it, Dravidians were the natives then. After Aryans, Mughals migrated to India. And now is it okay for Indians if I bring in millions and millions of South Americans to India? Or Syrian refugees? India did not even take care of the refugees from Sri Lanka very well and kept them under appalling situations for 20+ years pretty much around concentration camps.

So, when every other country has a different way of taking care of situations, then they want America to walk in a particular pattern? You found a convenient way to present your case in a way that no one is American in this land, and everyone here is an immigrant. What kind of argument is it? It does not matter who migrated when. When you decide to migrate to a new society, a newer country you should embrace their ideology and way of living and become a true citizen of that country. An Immigrant is not a status. Citizen is a status. American is a status. So, embrace it by becoming a #patrioticAmerican.

The latest generation of immigrants is wrong fundamentally while advocating this perspective. The generations of immigrants to America – the Irish, Italian, the Germans, the Chinese did go through an immigration process but how many of them could have come here if the people settled initially closed the door for immigrants after 50 years of independence? Did not they continue to open opportunity for others? They did until now. But the generations of immigrants in 18th, 19th and even half of 20th century were taking the initiative to become integrated as American and adopting American legal and social system. The problem is with the new generation of foreign immigrants who are trying to convert America to the way they wanted it to be. They wanted to convert America into a global diversified village. There is nothing wrong in diversification because people are diversified anyways. The issue is you forget to embrace “Unity in diversity.” You have to take the initiative to get unified with previous generations of people by accepting and adapting to their social set up and cause.

In the course of 300 years of history, the newer society of immigrants always thrived here. The previous generations never went sluggish at the cost of incoming of new generations. The new generations of immigrants worked hard, brought along their talent, contributed to the society and then claimed their share from the bigger growth. The scenario was very much acceptable to everybody then. But right now the situation is different; the immigrants have nothing but only making their generations swell up. Such a situation is building up because the primary focus of government is on socialism, globalism, and reservation, etc. to help the immigrants and while doing that it’s giving rise to unfair competition and unlevelled grounds to play. It is horrendous to see when the government says it is providing reservation and extra privileges to minorities (most of the new generation immigrants fit into this segment) to balance social divides. It is simply wrong. It is like helping a minuscule percentage of people with an anticipation of having enormous economic growth. Providing millions and millions of dollars of government contracts and promoting big businesses through stock market thereby creating jobs tailor made for immigrants is not what going to help the immigrants. The real progress of the nation is in showing no prejudice to whosoever, minority or majority.

The focus of the government should be strictly keeping an eye on few important things i.e. people follow laws; they do not try to cheat the system, stick to the constitutional values of the country, and they should excel only through the skills, trade, and hard work. Still not clear? Let me explain it with a simple true story. A few days ago my two sons, two years old and four years old, were fighting over a particular toy car. The elder one was very upset as the younger one was having the possession of his favorite car and he was not ready to share it with him at all. Seeing that, I suggested him that instead of taking it forcefully, why you don’t trade something valuable with the younger one to get your favorite car back. Initially, he didn’t understand it. I once again asked him to think about what your brother likes and what does he value the most among all the toys you have. This time, he had an answer, “the ambulance car toy.” I asked him why not you propose your brother that he should exchange the ambulance car with the car you want. He followed what I said, and the younger didn’t waste a moment in grabbing the toy car he liked and let go the other one which the elder one wanted. Finally, both were happy and once again started playing with each other joyfully. That’s the way society at large should work.

Learn to do a fair trade!

In contrary, some people come up with a stupid idea of fair share and they always believe that the others are taking more from them. They got to absorb this in their minds permanently that the world can never be relatively equal for everybody. There is nothing called the fair share. With your forceful introduction of equality, you will end up killing #freedom and #liberty thereby killing the free enterprise and productivity in the society. The once great nations that got engulfed with corruption and economic collapse with these kinds of fair share, equal world ideologies doomed to fail. American capitalism is based on trade, not fair-share. Like how I resolved the conflict between my sons through trade, similarly, we should promote the free enterprise; let people do the trading with each other, let small skilled guys make things which other small business people or big industries would want to trade further. Everyone has a right to be protective of their land, wealth, and knowledge. If you want them to share that wealth with you, you don’t force them; you trade with them like how the earlier generations did. This way it might take long for you to get successful, but it will be a sustainable success with a reward of complete acceptance and integration in the American society rather than resentment. You will be accepted as a true #American.

Suresh Kannan
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