Pepsico CEO, get are not a representative of all women! You are representing Pepsi!!

indranooyiRecently Pepsi board appointed CEO Indra Nooyi had given uncessary statements against President elect Mr.Trump.“How dare you talk about women that way!” she exclaimed in a statement at the conference, referencing comments Trump made while on the campaign trail and in an old “Access Hollywood” tape leaked last month. “If we don’t nip this in the bud, it is going to be a lethal force in society,” she added, as reported by Forbes.

hmm…i don’t understand why these appointed CEOs are getting into a battle with him in the first place. They have companies to run and make their investors & shareholders happy. The problem with many CEOs nowadays is they forget that they are appointed CEOs of companies. It is your Job you need to focus on, not politics. If you think you are satisfying your global consumers with these statements, you are wrong – first you need to be an American company before thinking about the world. No one will buy pepsi if America loses its brand value. Trust me, Mr. Trump is doing you people a huge favor by restoring brand america. And, Are you worried about the society? Do you understand that the main product your company making is a junk drink? What kind of social responsibility these junk products show to the society. Let’s get real; you are all worried about future of your companies under a different world lead by Trump. Work hard to catch up with new government and policies. It will help you to retain your job.

Secondly, why is she associating herself with a bunch of women he was talking about in a PRIVATE conversation? Did he ever say all women in the world? Come on, get real; he was only referring to those women he was around in his show biz. This man runs a company with a large number of women employees at various levels. Is there any complaint ever from anyone of them he misbehaved with them? Don’t get into judging anyone from a small sample of information you get. Individuals mind and life are so complicated, and we are not the same everywhere. We talk things we don’t mean, we do things we don’t enjoy, we keep changing every day in every way. And if we start putting a candid camera and mike in everyone’s life 24/7 men or women, we will have to find fault with everyone’s character, including your closed ones.
And finally, When it comes to men, we talk about individuals and when it comes to women why the hell we jump into generalizing it to all women? This is non-sense. Like men, women are individuals and every woman has a different lifestyle, different moral system, difference belief system, and different characteristics. Women first should stop this generalization if they want to be successful in their life as individuals equal or better than other women or men. There are no one-women — there are only individual women.
Last word to my readers, personally out of both junk drinks, i like “Coke” far far better. I am sure most of you as well. Thats why the reason pepsi is focusing on the world market and worried about world society.
Suresh Kannan