Career/Life Coaching

“Suresh Kannan loves coaching people. He genuinly take interest in the development of the people around him. All along him lifetime he had always created positive impact on people around him and helped them in self improvement, personality development, entrepreuneruship and career / skills building”. His skills in combiling the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of people helps me in transforming the individual/group of individuals permanentely. He uses the art of “Karma-Yoga” customized for the modern day lifestyle and the needs of the people.

Some of the areas that he provides coaching are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Art of Business
  • Handling tough situations in Business/Life
  • How to convert misery into opportunity.
  • Practical Goal Setting & Achieving
  • Keeping your head above the water all the time.
  • Winning the war without fighting
  • How to make technology work for your business/career.
  • How to deal with Industrial Revolution 4 and automation in your personal and business life and profit from it.

Whether you are looking for personal coaching or career coaching, Suresh Kannan will be happy to help you(or your group). Write to him at or But kindly remember that he only does it because of personal interest and passion; but he has a very limited time to do it. So please don’t be disappointed with the time delay in response or unavailability. But he will try his best to accommodate your need. If this is very urgent and important; you may try to text message him at 571-528-3937.


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