Racism & Superiorism!!

Racism & Superiorism feelings exist inside a very few people, and that too are dormant. Like every other feeling they need recognition by others as a platform to survive and the hatred as a medium to grow in the society.They will remain dormant and eventually will vanish from those very few people if you reject those feelings in your mind and start loving them.

Remember this; every feeling happens in mind and unless the feelings get transferred; they don’t have any meaning. So, it does not matter what the other person thinks and says; it is up to you whether you want to recognize & accept what they say or what they think or simply reject. And when you don’t recognize & accept it in your mind, you will stop reflecting and re-transmitting to more people. So, if you truly want to stop racism and superiority in your society, stop recognizing such things exist. There are millions of feelings born in human mind like garbage and most of them die when there is no breeding ground. But if you start providing the breeding ground then they start living and growing.