Safety does not make sense after disarming!

I hear all the beautiful stories, lectures and propaganda as how government can protect people and how UN can protect society blah..blah… all these BS talks will go away in few seconds if people put their mind ability to see themselves in a situation where they are facing an intruder with a motivation to rob you and then kill you to wipe out evidence. Those who think they are living a suburban life and are safe without guns, they are idiots because they are safer as their neighbor might have a gun. The moment the killers know everyone is unarmed, then for sure the crime rate will go up. Isn’t it a commonsense? And how dare the city and suburban living people ignore the life situations of those living in deep woods and mountains. If you want your community or city to be deprived of arms, work at local society and try convincing them. Don’t push the government to take away the guns from all Americans. That is evil!!