Small Town geniuses needs opportunity now! Shun the wall street backed fake ladder economy!! Vote for Trump!

During my recent visit to Nepal, I was utterly surprised to learn that there exists a package that includes taking tourists in dollies to the top of the Everest and get pictures clicked there to show to the world about their efforts & achievement in climbing the top peak. Well, I understand that the real climbers exist and do climb the mountain all the way to the top, but sadly they get either a little or no fame altogether compared to these fake climbers. This is the exact scenario I find with companies operating with a solid backing up from Wall Street. It’s all orchestrated so well at Wall Street that they write a beautiful story about the company, the products, outlook for the CEO, and put everything all together in a package and they carry it to the finish line. Everything is template driven. The start-up guys are meant to do the job that sucks and supposed to turn themselves into a slave to these bully investors.
There was a time in America when investors would come, find you in your village or small town, and take your ideas to the market. Where is it all gone now? The true meaning of productivity, innovation, and creativity is hijacked by all these con artists of Wall Street. When dollar itself became a product, bankers and traders started focusing only on it and used companies and products as scapegoats to let it flow. So, it is obvious that they will choose the best scapegoat rather than the best company or product. This is what socialistic democracy brings to the people and system. They make ideas and innovations as the medium and currency as the product. So instead of letting the products trade on the currency, they trade currency on the product. That’s why you, my friend, from a small town in America, will never get the opportunity to take your ideas to the Multimillion Dollar Business. It was not the case during the times of Henry Ford times and Thomas Edison. The dollar trading made you invalid. Now, it’s the time to take back the control of economy based on true innovations and ideas. Let’s support Trump who will truly bring the economy to your state, your neighborhood, to your doorstep.
Suresh Kannan
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