Starting and running your business with almost Zero Operating Cost at this digital economy!

Dear Friend,

Are you a #patrioticAmerican who is running or starting a company with 100% US based workers?
I can help you with providing a platform that will grow and manage your business with almost negligible operating cost.
For making such a platform, big guys are spending millions of dollars to build & use. I am bringing it to you as low as $99 per month. Your monthly payment will only increase when you make more money. Till then the money you pay barely helps me in maintaining my servers, database, and application for you.
Why will it help you?
You are an #American, living in America, paying American Bills and Paying American Tax. So, cannot compete with companies hiring international low-cost workers, because of currency trading.  You being a small business and a #patrioticAmerian will not be looking at that option. So, you are stuck! No matter you follow the Gurus of business tell you to follow, mathematically it is impossible to crunch the numbers because almost 60% of your revenue goes to hiring people. And another 25-30% of the operating cost, another 5-10% on the legal and other. So, where is your budget for business development and marketing? You will end up losing your business within the first year or two. You may be thinking that you can make a profit of 30-40% easily on your business, hey, you are not alone in this. Pls look at an independent study below shows most of the people think companies make a profit of 36% or more, but in reality, their numbers are 5 times low. Mostly the profit % is in single digit.
Since you had decided only to employ US-based worker being a #PatrioticAmerican, you cannot do anything to cut down the cost of the core employees. But you can eliminate the need for some non-core employees by automating the processes. On top of it, you can also increase the efficiency of Marketing and sales by bringing intelligence processes that are tailor-made for your company in the digital world. In this way, I can guarantee that I can bring your operating cost as low as 5% of your revenue which will magically compensate for your loss.
How can I help you?
I will deploy Robotics processes called bpRobots, that will eliminate the need for more non-core business workers. These Robots will you help with every small thing that your competitors are using the offshore worker to do due to cost. And you can get the same things done with more perfections at a cheaper cost than the offshore workers. And most importantly, dRobots can do a lot more intelligent work for you in Marketing, Sales, compliance etc.

Almost every advice on the internet to start and grow your business, including the one given by US Small business administration, always talks nicely about the dos and don’ts of business as if these rules does not change. While some of these business rules don’t change, they transform as per the market. They almost ignore one major aspect, the operating cost in the current digitally transformed world is very very difficult to calculate and is “unknown”. Being in business for over 15 years myself, I know one thing. “Unknown is dangerous” for business. So, I am here to take out that unknown part from your during your initial months of your business thereby you confidently focus on your core business expansion.

What is in there for me? 
Two things:
1. I get a satisfaction of doing something to help #patriticAmericans to get back on to their economic / financial growth instead of simply writing and talking about it.
2. I am a proud capitalist like every #patrioticAmerican and I am going to make money eventually when you grow on my platform. So, it is not a free stuff I am tricking you with. It is paid platform in that way I am going to happily serve you to grow your business. But you will only pay when you make money using it.
Make sense? Call me 571-528-3937 or write to me at


Suresh Kannan 

CEO & Chief Architect, 
digiBlitz Inc 
Herndon, VA 20171.