The disaster America will face by Not Electing Trump as President in 2016 Volume -2

                      Attention AMERICANS!!

Some mistakes in life cannot be undone forever. Not electing Mr. Trump as the president of United States of America will be the most significant mistake in the history of the country.


Let’s find out, through three videos, in my first video, I did present the current crisis, in this second video, I am going to show the mistake of not electing Mr. Trump as president and in the third presentation I will explain what Mr. Trump presidency will bring into restore and recreate America the great nation once it was.

Here is the second presentation….

American Capitalism will be gone…

  • America will completely fall out of capitalism under Hillary Clinton, and worst than that, it will adopt the crony socialism as an extension of Obama.
  • The fake socialism is the reason most of the third-world countries remain third-world. Rules will be applicable only for the people who is not closer to power. Under fake socialistic democracy, many will become like kings and queens which will lead to the formation of gangs.
  • Loss of capitalism is a loss of productivity. That means America will stop innovating completely. It will become a nation of pie eaters and workers. The country’s citizens will be taught to work as laborers for next superpower like China. There will be reverse outsourcing. The only problem with that is Americans will be enslaved by the corporations of other nations. The wages will be driven bottom. The inflation will go higher and higher.

America will become completely soft…

  • America will become too soft that it is vulnerable to any attacks from outside the country as well as within.
  • With America becoming a soft nation, some other nation(s) will take world stage as global leader / cop. Mostly Russia or China. This will lead to America, along with other nations will be policed by the new world leader. United Nations and Nato will be controlled by this new country.
  • As more national & global control of security takes over the country, the local criminals will take over the control locally because it will be impossible to track down the criminals operating in every neighborhood. The people will have to watch and do nothing.

Civil Rights & Liberty will be lost…..…

  • Everything other than what government wants you to do will become illegal in this country, almost. That leads to many people do nothing other than what government wants them to do, just work for bigger companies and consume what government says to consume. The government will run your life in every aspect.
  • There will not be any innovation happen in this country as people will not be free to think and act on their ideas. Your idea will immediately become a national asset, and the government will decide its fate.

Death to small businesses & small farmers….

  • American small businesses will be completely stripped off opportunities they deserve as wall street will take more control. The government will introduce more regulations.
  • Small business & self-employment will become a thing of the past. Either you own franchise of a large business or you become an employee of large business or government, or government-controlled corporates called public sector units.
  • Small business & small time farmers will either become employees of big companies or the government. Otherwise, they will be forced to become their franchise due to regulatory compliances.

Fair-Share will take over common sense….

  • Taxes will be increased to more than 45%, and the government will introduce subsidized railroads and other forms of public transportation.
  • More people will be on government support and work less as there are no perks for hard work.
  • The government will keep printing more zero value money.
  • More intangible business sectors will be promoted thereby driving the opportunity for stock market & wall-street to the highest level of ridiculousness.
  • Credit system will be more & more tightened to give an advantage to the urban population as they will be employed and will have the capability to pay regular payment. This way, the capital will flow only on the higher level of the totem pole. 
  • The government will make sure all the assets including your ancestral properties come to the market one-way or other so that they can help the wall-street to create more derivative out of it.

Dominance of Formal Education……………

  • Formal education will become the only way to get job and opportunities. Those who are alternately skilled through physical & practical education will be deprived of opportunities.
  • White collar jobs will be paying a lot more than blue collar job although they work very less and use very little cognitive skills. Most of the blue collar jobs will be converted to a format of white collar to give more job opportunities for college educated citizens(and non-citizens) although their education has nothing to do with the work they do. This will put blue-collar, highly skilled and experienced worker out of a job because their job will be given to a college degree holder.

Skills Based and Multidisciplinary growth crisis…

  • Most of the traditional jobs will be forced to vanish with government support to technical and math education. More people will work for a lessER number of job types.
  • Since the computer and technology pay more salary and government supports and promotes such sector, the other art and science areas will slowly lose its glitter. Universities will suffer; arts based graduates will either become jobless or will work for minimum wage to other areas as their area of work will find many jobs.

Constitutional crisis…

  • Constitution of this will be replaced by the laws made by government.
  • the judiciary will be completely under the control of the government.


  • more global control will take place.
  • You will become enslaved to the global corporations and bankers.
  • The government will be completely controlled by the global force.
  • More forced immigration will happen to take away the pride of nationalism from Americans so that America can be once for all called a “global nation.” Borders will be very soft.
  • Forceful insertion of cultures, religions and languages will happen in your society. There will be no local community; they are all extensions of global community controlled by the global government.


  • government contracts will be completely under control of corrupt people.
  • The more private sector will also be damaged as they are controlled more and more by wall street corruption.
  • Government officials will become corrupt and arrogant. You may have to bribe them to get things done. Since the judiciary is under the control of the government, there will be fewer charges on corruption. even if it is there, it will be finally dropped through power.
  • Career prosecutors will be gone thereby making it highly impossible to prosecute anyone if they are in power or have money to buy power.
  • Since police become a national force, it will be impossible to make them act equally for all cases. They will pick and choose more based on the validations given by the top.
  • The quality of work, product and services will slip to lower standard across the board, both public and private sectors.
  • Politicians will be very corrupt and powerful both national as well as local level.

Brand America will be gone!!

  • America as the world’s best brand will be gone and will be replaced by other nations.
  • American products will lose its glitter around the world which will reflect in the failure of America businesses, and that will create a ripple effect of economic fall-down.
  • soon America will end up being one of the other brands and will also stop attracting global talents who will migrate to other nations like China and Russia.
  • American products and technology will be copied easily without being worried about the copyright / patent as the countries, and their citizens will know that America cannot prosecute them.
  • Even sectors like Hollywood will be replaced by other countries as creativity business, and the capital available for it will be now under the control of global financiers who will promote more lucrative markets. There is more English language speaking countries around the world who can produce English movies.
  • And much more…

Risk of creation of multiple legal systems based on ethnic & religious groups !!

  • There will be more than one local system in this country because one after other, the immigrant communities will start demanding a separate legal system based on their religion & culture.
  • There will be a different level of prosecutions and huge imbalance in the social justice.

And how to avoid  this…

I am ending the series with only two volume because there is no more explanation needed for you, a patriotic American to vote for mr. trump.

Whatever the problems I had presented will be completely avoided under mr. Trump’s  presidency. He will make America great again in all aspects by avoiding every possible disaster presented in the two volumes of presentation.

Love America! Vote for Mr. Trump!!

Suresh Kannan