“The story of a village of kindness & gratitude and a slap to Globalization & Big Government”


Let me start this article with a short, imaginary and a vital story… it is critical for you as a True American who loves this country as much an anyone. It will bring a lot of clarifying to your confusions on current economic and political turmoil. I promise!

Once upon a time…there was a small but beautiful town in a remote place where five friends lived. George, John, James, Thomas and Benjamin.

George was a firefighter. Mark was a small grocery & convenient shop owner. Winston was a doctor, and Gerald was a farmer/landlord. One thing all these gentlemen had was a good heart, compassion, and love they had for the people of the town. They loved, cherished and enjoyed every aspect of the day-day life in the town, and they always wanted to make the quality of life of the people better. They took every small initiative to do something good for that small but beautiful society.

George was one of the dedicated team of firefighters who put their lives at stake every day to battle out any unfortunate event of fire mishaps in the town. People greet him every day, recognize his valor, appreciate it, and bless them for the help and services they get from them. The kindness overflows from the people and gets complimented with kindness in return from him.

John was a small time businessman who brings essential products from faraway places to sell them to the villagers around the town; the villagers appreciate his efforts in bringing those unavailable products even though they understand that he is making good profit margins on them. The villagers look beyond the meanings of profits and only enjoy the services of John immensely. When the John saw this kindness every day, this touches his soul; he felt good about it, and he puts more efforts in bringing better services and products to the residents.

James was running a small clinic in the town to treat people of the nearby villages. He helped people as much possible with the facilities he had and also by bringing medicines from a faraway bigger town and cities. His sole passion was to take care of the sick and unhealthy, and they treat him with a lot of kindness and love. The people of the villages appreciated him, his dedicated services, and blessed him for making their lives better every day.

Thomas was a civil contractor who loved to build houses, roads, community centers, etc. for the villagers in the town. He was respected as one of the best human being in town as he does help people with better shelter and infrastructure that made their life better.


Benjamin was a landlord who owned 100s of acres of land which he inherited from his ancestors. Many farmers from the same village work on their properties and Benjamin used to take care of their livelihood in return with a lot of compassion and love.

Suddenly something happens to the government where socialistic, federal control political and the elements of the global financial system took over the power.

The government introduces a federal government funded direct fire fighting service to the town from a centralized location that promises to reach the village in a very short span of time with more powerful equipment and workforce. Within a few months of the introduction of this service, the people of the town started to begin unrecognizing the services of George. They stopped to value his efforts no longer, and it became hard to even squeeze a small word of appreciation from them for George. The heroic sagas of saving lives were not get scripted anywhere anymore, and the firefighters from central location jump into the suits of the local hero and claim all the truly heroic efforts achieved thus far.

The government promoted big businesses, and government owned & controlled companies to centrally run shops in all the remote places and one in this town too. With the availability & abundance of new products every few days, the villagers started to forget the efforts of their beloved local shop owner John within few months. Forget about appreciating his efforts; the villagers started accusing him of making fools out them by reaping huge profits. All the gratitude accumulated thus far got flushed into some filthy ravine nearby.wallstreet

The government started putting up the centrally run hospitals with centralized healthcare benefits. One such hospital gets established in this village as well that has now official representatives, doctors, and medicine available in it. They have pretty much forgotten the services rendered by James. Suddenly, the effort of saving life changed from service to a job. Since a job needs to have a sound output, the villagers started putting evaluation measures on it and while seeing even the smallest of deficiencies they will slowly begin disrespecting the doctors from both sides, local as well sent by the government. They started coming up with statements like,” it is your job to save us’, and no kindness swirl around at the back of their minds while saying that. As a consequence, the doctors who came from other places also lost passion and kindness as they won’t get any word of appreciation and they will treat this as only a job. James was treated the same way in his clinic by the villagers.

The government started to support large builders by giving them huge financial privileges, and also the banks back them up for any commercial needs. With such equipped wealth, the global builders went to villages and started to build large roads networks, multilevel bridges, and large housings developments. Seeing the big influx of infrastructure development, the local people started appreciating government and large builders whom they could have never met otherwise. At this point, they start disrespecting and accusing the local contractor Thomas of taking advantage of them. Eventually, they also started disrespecting the global contractors because they say it is the government that is paying you to help us. So, there is no gratitude feeling anymore.

As the socialistic government started bringing so much of freebies like food stamps, free health insurance, free housing, etc.thThe people who used to work for Benjamin’s farm started quitting and started to choose to live without working or going for part-time employment only in the large stores and other government run facilities without working hard.largecorporations
The government also decides to control the lands and give them to the factories owned by the big business houses from the city. Government mortgage these properties with banks, begins procuring produce on large scales, and hires the farmers directly under their control to work on these lands. Believing this as a favorable scenario, the villagers start doubting the integrity of Benjamin and slowly point fingers at his kindness which they showed from generations in taking care of their families. The villagers reach a point where they accuse Benjamin of using them for his benefits. They happily accept the change and start working on mass scale productions on government-controlled lands and factories. The beginning is always happy, change that’s lucrative is always good, but does it sustain for long is the major issue always, and precisely the same happens in this scenario as well. Within few months, the farmers observed that this is just a job which has no gratitude involved. You work, and you get paid and there no room for empathy while working under the policies run by the government. The result is they begin shouting at the factories, holding mass bunk, strikes for just one thing, and that is plants show no kindness to their needs. For them, the managers who in the beginning came from gods, are now the biggest fraudsters who consume not only major pie of their hard work before letting it reach the government but also stand in between them and the government to stop their voice of need to fall on the ears of the authorities.

Now let me take you briefly out of the story….

There is a fundamental reason behind all the changes happened in the lives of George, John, James, Thomas, and Benjamin. Everything which was once seen as an act of kindness is observed as a Job or duty now. For an act of kindness, you repay with kindness and gratitude. For a job or duty, you don’t have to repay anything back. People believe that government is the one who pays for them, who takes care of them, so it is their right automatically to claim everything. Since the government is the provider, so everybody else who deny their right to their fair share gets into the column of haters, and this is what happens in socialistic controlled and promoted global power.

You may ask….So, according to you, is it wrong for villagers to make way for the modern firefighting? Is it wrong for the villagers to get access to excellent food and other supplies from the government run large shops? Is it wrong for villagers to get access to more extensive medical facilities and healthcare?

No. Not at all!

Undoubtedly, the human beings need development and growth, and there should be an improvement in the field of science, medicine, technology, constructions, etc. But we also need to protect the humanity, kindness, and gratitude. Without which we will lose the progress we have made thus far.

You will understand what I am saying by looking at what happens to the Town.

Let me take you back to the story…

broken-land-earthSuddenly, there was a massive earthquake. The town and the surrounding villages were cut out from rest of the country. The factories stopped operating because there is no access to supplies from outside. The food and other essential items stop coming to the government run large-business stores because the calculation is running into higher operating costs in delivering the products to these shops. Since the profitability is in negative, the large businesses saw it as a center of extra cost, and it needs it to be shut down with immediate effects. The fear of experiencing more earthquakes or aftershocks grips the doctors and practitioners as well who came to work in the village under the government schemes, and they were fleeing the village as quick as possible. In the process of escaping, they abandoned the hospitals and dispensaries. Since there was no control left on providing healthcare, the government shuts the hospital program from their network as well. In this time of calamity, the farmers don’t know where to find work, and the government is not ready to reopen the centralized procurement channels again as the village is not ready yet to provide sufficient supply of produce. Nowhere to go, the farmers turn to each other for help for the first time in the last many years. They pray and cry together in this time of immense trouble.

James was not able to see them in misery and started treating people with whatever supplies left in the abandoned hospitals. John could not see his fellow villagers in the grip of such pain; he felt the need to feed the starving villagers with all the supplies he had. He got into action and reached the nearby town by crossing dangerously cracked terrains to get the much-required supplies. The local firefighter, George together with others also get into action as in helping people restoring the damaged houses, helping them to clean up the mess left by the earthquake together with the contractor Thomas. The landlord, Benjamin took as many villagers possible back to work on his lands and start providing them adequate food to help them out. Suddenly the village gets back to its life. And this time with people loving each other, showing mercy, appreciating each other’s support without taking it as granted. They may not have modernized things, but they will be able to restore humanity and livelihood.

End of the story of the town what it should be.

Now, let’s see the story of the town from a larger perspective.

Dear reader, do you agree and relate our society to the story of this town & villages? Do you see that people don’t show gratitude anymore for anything? Do you see that people take everything for granted as if it’s their well-deserved share in the society and it is their right to enjoy this share irrespective of whether they deserve it or work hard for it or not? This is what globalization and socialism do to people.

Now, as I have pointed before, we do need growth and development. But, to achieve that we should not lose humanity and kindness. And it’s possible if we embrace capitalism with localism. The same local doctors who were helping the villagers willingly should be chosen to serve the village and the government can support them by providing modern equipment and helping them out in some ways in procuring medicines on subsidized rates. They will continue to live and serve the people with the same kindness as they had before because they consider the fellow villagers as one of their won. They would love them unconditionally. They would not see them as numbers or customers, unlike government doctors who do it from the perspective of a job. The business person in the village should be given the loans to expand their shops to serve the village at a decent profit. They do not run after substantial profit like any big business person, and they only love to get and have more gratitude and kindness toward their fellow villagers. The local firefighters should be equipped with modern equipment and gadgets so that they take pride in their job of saving their village. The local contractors should be provided with more capital to build better roads, bridges, and houses. They live in the village; they would like to see their village grow, they will work day and night to modernize it.

Feeling of gratitude and humanity is lost among people with the introduction of Globalization and a larger Government control. Please take a moment to read and understand this Article. It is very important to understand what is happening currently in America and around the world!

Whenever there is a natural crisis, civil unrest, or economic depression, people suddenly become more amiable: they become more caring, become more grateful to others for getting the smallest of help, start appreciating fellow human being, start declaring the presence of God.

Contrary to it, whenever there are an economic boom and the money begin flowing smoothly, no natural disaster take place, no cataclysm happens, at those moments people tend to forget the existence of God and stop caring about the fellow human beings. Their behavior starts to show immense sufficiency and actions begin depicting overtly that the presence of others around does not bring or have any meaning to their living. All of a sudden, even the bigger help from fellow humans start getting collected into the bins of ungratefulness. The sense of thankfulness becomes murkier compared to the times when everything was scarcely available, and a common word from individuals becomes, “I would have gotten it somehow.”

The interesting part is that this behavior becomes more common when things are well taken care of by the Government or by the centralized systems directly. People stop appreciating one another when they have direct access to money flow, coverage of health care, or another sort of fundamental protections, etc. These all readily available benefits and accesses make them lesser thankful to other fellow human beings.

The world should not be seen as one pool of resource for all and everyone has a default right to this resource. The world should be viewed as a potential to generate resources and to gain that potential some people put their efforts into it to get it converted to the real resource. This cultivated part of the resource belongs to them. If you want to be a part of this resource, ask them with kindness or trade with them with some resource meaningful. With one global village attitude, you tend to blame them for blocking your resource and not sharing it with you. You feel it is yours whereas in reality, it is not. Let’s restore human values and kindness by embracing the localization and empowering local businesses, local banks, local members of the armed forces, local healthcare system who knows and cares for you because you are not a number for them. You are a human!

americanflagandhelicopterThis can only happen if you vote for a candidate who truly respects the life of people from all societies of life; Who does not try to deliver you to the large corporations as a consumer with a credit number. You need a candidate and the party that had adopted “America First” slogan by heart.

Trust me friends…there is nothing called the global village. Globalization is an agenda pushed to benefit a small % of people who are filthy rich and wants to control your life on a day to day basis. No wonder they choose the person like Hillary Clinton who share the same view as them as she and her friends are beneficiaries of the same system. If you are a Democrat or an independent, think about it from a broader perspective.

Why do you want to leave behind your people who shared ups and downs of this nation for 300+ years for the so-called global people who does not even love or respect America?

Please change you focus on cities and focus on rural America. These people gave life and prosperity to you guys one or the other way through hard work and Patriotism for generations. All they expect in Return is that they been included in the policies and been taken care of.

Don’t leave them behind!

Vote for a president and political party who makes an inclusive economic and political policies for rural citizens who are by large in numbers. Vote for Mr. Trump and fellow Republicans to take control of the country and avoid it from slipping into the hands of globalization hooligans.

Every village should prosper!

Every town should glitter!!

Every American should be included in the economic development of this great nation. Don’t let a few people hijack and control the entire nation with sweet talks. Today they are ditching smaller towns and villages in America for globalization. You think they have included your city in their agenda. That’s wrong. It is for sure; they will ditch the bigger cities as well for their agenda. Since the global village is not a physical thing and unreal; they can shift this logical city and village around the word based on their need, profitability, and convenience. Chuck them out of both political and economic power of this nation to save it from disaster.

Register yourself as a Hero Among these patriotic Americans if you truly love America as much as they do!

Let’s Make America Great Again together!!

– Suresh Kannan

Sureshkb@digiblitz.com / sureshkb@sureshkannan.org