Tipping Point for Voters turning to Republican Side!

There is a tipping point for everything. Legal immigrants ( i am not referring to illegal immigrant ) blindly supporting Hillary, will reach its tipping point very soon when they realize they are on the wrong side. They came this country in search of Freedom, Liberty, Growth, Prosperity, American Dream, Value for humanity. When will realize they need the constitution of this country should be protected in order to have all these things. Democrats are constitution haters and killers. It is because of the conservatives and libertarians, this country’s fundamental system is still protected. Yes, they will soon realize they need to follow conservative approach…they need to protect constitution, they need to vote a president who will protect the basic rights of people, they will vote for president who will bring true American enterprise system back to this country abolishing phony wall street played big businesses, they will support small business economy, they will vote for #DonaldTrump. Same with African Americans who are an integral part of this country for centuries. They will realize that they were liberated in 1800 by republicans and their progress came through republican presidents. Not during democratic president, not even under a black president. They won’t be sold by phony accents and phony language by politicians and their dream speech. They were duped by Obama 8 years ago which they realizing now…they will not be duped again. Yes. It seems the majority of them is with Hillary at this point of time as media suggests. But these people don’t vote based simply on the mind. They are people live through their heart, think through and validate through their heart. Their heart will eventually win over brainwashed mind and they will vote for the person who can really bring prosperity to this country, #Trump. Finally, the Hispanics. Every Hispanic is close to a conservative than a liberal. They are simply hard working honest people who migrated to this country with a dream. They will not let their dream spoiled through illegal immigration. They themselves will turn again illegal immigration. I know, they are keeping it secretly in their mind. Think for a while, they worked hard and got into this system through real hard work these many years and now they need to protect their own families and look for their progress instead of supporting more and more illegal immigrants from entire south America and beyond. They know that these illegal immigrants don’t take away jobs from Americans as much as they do from the legal immigrants. So, the vote-eligible legal Hispanics will vote for the president who will stop illegal immigration. I am very much convinced, these numbers will slowly disappear from the democratic ballot and add up to republican. But, the tipping point should happen with enough push by us as the media is going to try to delay this tipping point. So, whether the republican party is going to talk unique language or not, I urge the trumpians to reach out these communities, explain to them what we are all fighting for. Make them inclusive in the fight then no one can stop Mr. Trump winning the presidency and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.  – Suresh Kannan
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