Trump’s Executive Order on 2 for 1 on regulation is a great milestone!!

Today President Trump signed an executive order on revoking two federal regulations for adding one. This is such a monumental achievement and a key piece of the puzzle that will solve the miseries of small businesses across the nation.

For over a century, large corporations conspired with the government agencies to cut-out their smaller competitions by introducing regulations that they only can comply. While the previous Republican presidents made many deregulations to boost the economy, for the first time a president is passing such an executive order which will control these conspiracies and at least ensure some level of balance.

It is a sad story around the world how the large companies shamelessly lobby with the Government to achieve their goals through such short-cuts. Of Course, the people on the Washington DC allow such regulations happily as they get their kickbacks from these corporations. It is a win-win for both of DC insiders and the wall street. But the big losers are some main street and many small and tiny businesses across the nation.

When the regulations are enforced, opportunities are denied for a small guy to start or run a company producing the services and goods. The biggest culprit of all is the FDA which makes it impossible for businesses to be started and survive with less capital on smaller markets. They come with vague definitions for products. For example, you cannot call your manufactured Ice create as Icecream if it does not follow certain criteria as per the FDA regulations. Similarly, the regulations on how to grow food, how to do farming, etc puts a lot of stress on to small-time farmers and drive them out of business.

There is a reason why smaller rural towns across America are staying this way with distress. The opportunities for small-time rural & country side entrepreneurs are denied through regulations. In one of the documentaries of John Stossel, he presented nicely about the fact that almost everything is illegal in America. He demonstrated with an example of how it was illegal for a lemonade stand run by children in their front yard. We have become a country of nuisance laws with almost meaningless regulations that ties our hand not to do anything. With the big Government with huge regulations, one has to either run a big business or should work for a big business or the government. The Democratic ( and even the previous Republican) party always hated the small businesses and try to kill them as they see them as a threat to democracy where community stability and the cycle of Consume-work-earn-consume cannot be achieved. But what they don’t understand is the spirit of human productivity is lost in making majority of people as just consumers. Such a system only makes the currency printing and trading of time. The value trading is lost, and eventually, the society will fail economically.

Finally, we have a President who is doing something about it. Good Job Mr President!!

– Suresh Kannan