Unbelievable! The West Virginia Governor just said what?!?

Unbelievable! The West Virginia Governor just said what?!?

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For context of the governor’s remarks, skip to 44min, 52second mark on above video.
In what seems to be a new and unsettling era in American politics, one in which executives are free to blast their opponents on a personal level in language that degrades the very office to which the people have elected them, West Virginia’s newly elected governor, billionaire Jim Justice-D, is garnering the state some unwanted headlines after WOWK’s Mark Curtis reported the following bizarre remarks directed at Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns-R:

I want to put the exact quote up in the ongoing feud between WV Gov Jim Justice -D, and Sen. the Majority Leader Ryan Ferns-R @WOWK13News

— MarkCurtisWOWK (@MarkCurtisWOWK) February 24, 2017

I’m concerned that the grizzly bear, at some point in time is just going to get tired of all the tweetin’ and the little… @WOWK13News

— MarkCurtisWOWK (@MarkCurtisWOWK) February 24, 2017

“…crap that’s going on and turn around and eat your ass.” — Gov. Jim Justice (D-WV) @WOWK13News

— MarkCurtisWOWK (@MarkCurtisWOWK) February 24, 2017

In response to the governor’s remarks, Ryan Ferns stated that he had “no time for the governor’s school yard threats,” stating that he was “busy airing out the gross conflicts of interest with his appointees.”

In a statement to Appalachian Magazine, Ferns said, “I’m honestly embarrassed for the Governor. He has resorted to name-calling and empty threats when he lacks any real solutions. It shows he’s panicked because the public is clearly rejecting his budget that includes the largest tax increase in West Virginia history. Given today’s remarks I’m not sure he’s prepared to lead our state.”

The governor’s remarks come just days after West Virginia Public Broadcasting posted an AP article stating, “Tax liens show Gov. Jim Justice’s coal companies still owe cash-strapped West Virginia $4.4 million in unpaid state taxes due at least a year ago.”

This isn’t the first time Justice has found himself in hot water over his mouth. In late-2015, a police dashcam video surfaced of Justice “verbally assaulting” a police officer, in which he said to the officer, “You have got to be a total lunatic… you have got to be crazy.”

He then interrupted the officer who was going to explain to him why he was being ticketed, by saying, “I don’t want you to explain anything — I want you to explain it to your boss.”

Appalachian Magazine has reached out to the governor’s office for clarification regarding Justice’s remarks, however, no response has been received at the time of this article being published.

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