Unnecessary fear and panic among the H1B based Tech workers community!

h1b-visaIt came to my notice that so much of panic getting created amongst the non-immigrant VISA workers about their future in the US with the new H1B laws getting passed. I believe that I should take the effort to clarify and remove these fear as I came from the same tech community.

  • The new bill is out there for everyone to read. Do not listen to media. Read by yourself to understand what is in there. https://lofgren.house.gov/uploadedfiles/high_skilled_bill_sxs_and_analysis_-1-2017__final.pdf
  • In contrary to all the media and friends telling you, you will see many things are not the way it is. For example, $130K limit is essentially not bad news for tech worker who is smart and hard working with genuine experience and expertise. The system will adjust to itself by pushing the rates upwards for the customer to shell more money per hour.
  • You now will have to get out of the engagements where the middleman is involved. Transfer the bad news to them which they deserve. Get on board with the projects directly with the client or the primary supplier. Cut the middleman ruthlessly. You will do fine. For example, for you to get into $130K wage, you should be paid $62 per hour. If your employer makes a $18-20 margin on your engagement as their income to cover expenses and to have a good profit, they should charge the client $80-$90. For a senior level person that should be the nominal rate anyways. Your client will pay that much as long as they know you are truly worth. It’s a great thing for you getting a sudden hike of up to 100% salary hike which otherwise would have been a dream.
  • For people whose I-140 got approved, there is a good news waiting for you in this bill. You will no longer have to continue in h1b as you will be issued an EAD card with Parole.
  • For those who are students, now can get a direct path to immigration bypassing the h1b route.
There are many good aspects of this bill. But the only people who I cannot help with good news is those who are H1B workers at level-1 wage and cannot qualify to get $130K salary by any means. Those of you should start working hard to increase your value at least now to get hired for those senior level / high skilled jobs. If not, sorry you need to start working on something else like getting back to school to get Masters degree. And, I may upset some of you by saying this, “You had a good run until it lasted.” Move on with your life finding opportunities back home in your country where you are welcome to work and plan to come back when your skills are at a higher level to qualify for the 130K limit. But no matter what, never try to overstay in America without Job. It will ruin your opportunity in future to come for any business trip or personal trip or employment. So, we tough and wiser!!
If you need help with getting back on to track legally, I am happy to guide you whatever the way I can. Write to me at sureshkb@digiblitz.com. But remember this, I only can advise right things that do not displace the American workers. And my career guidance and training are available equally for everyone.