Why cartels like George Soros wants Hillary to win– a business insider example and my analysis!

Let me start this Article with a wisdom. I hope most of you get it…

“Wealth is not about what & how much you own. It is about what & how much you control”.

If you read the first few paragraphs of the below article from the business insider, you will understand to some extent why people like George Soros are backing Hillary or any Damn democratic leadership.


Yes. It’s very simple. It’s purely business!

George Soros and similar but much larger investors/bankers have become empire through the crony Wall Street style economy and dirty financial system. They create money from thin air! They create companies through that money, and they play on the market to get into creating value to the money through relative terms.

These global financial investors have played a lot of games to reach where they are now. The platform for their game was created beautifully by left wing governments. When the dollar is on the verge of losing its power and value, they are posing for alternate methods of keeping ahead.

George Soros should not be seen as one person. It is a phenomenon. There are so many interlinked players play this game of monopoly since the 17th century in Europe. When they are out of cash, they create new cash. When their cash approaches zero value, they will stop creating more cash and try to get into taking control of the assets that has the true value in it in exchange for the money.

The new methodology is that they want to dump the cash back to your( individuals & small businesses) and in return take control of your business and tangible assets eventually.

The reason they want a deeper hand into your bank accounts and financial statements are not about helping you managing financials. But to have “Big Data” that will tell them everything about your financial situation.

Please understand it clearly; most of these data are your proprietary information, and they are not supposed to get access to it legally. The only way they can get access is if you give them the permission and the key. When they know what is your current to turn your attention towards the cash and leave the assets to their hands.

In the name of technology and help with financial advice through technology, they truly would like to get access to your bank accounts.

People to People trade is becoming inevitable with newer disruptive technologies and platform for digital transformation. So, these investors create their own incubated disruptive system through largely funding the start-ups and take control of the mechanism and eventually make it fail so the business as usual. The only way to retain the sovereignty of a country is to get relieved from the hands of these global players and let the nation promote and build technology locally at every level of the society. While the currency problem is in existence since the 1600s, there were always solutions derived eventually when the kings, presidents, prime ministers refused to be in the pockets of the global financiers. They are finally challenged by a lion within their neighborhood – New York, Mr. Trump, standing on the side of the #PatriticAmericans. Very soon after the election, not only the American but also the world economy will go through correction to put power & liberty back into to the hands of the citizens.

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