Why should a #patrioticAmerican mind be at uncompromising revolution during times of change like this?

Revolution simply is not the answer always for all the conflicts in the world. But at points where the solutions to problems hit a plateau: no visible signs of any trail to climb further, not knowing whether the next step is an unending gravitational plunge into an unknown darkness, at that moment uncompromising revolution, become inevitable. Many get confused why this guy uses the word revolution profusely? Does he like to dance on the revolution? Is he inciting a pro-revolution situation or something? Before you unspin the yarn of your skeptical thoughts, I would like you to peep into my perspective about this statement. Revolution does bring pain, misery, and grave results, but, is there any evidence that only peace shapes the perfect world, or peace is the core and the sole atom circulating in the matter of perfect stability of this world? If you have understood me this far, rest of the topic and the word revolution will easily fall into a pattern of understanding what I want to communicate.
To put the mind at peace we take mind off all matters around.  We cease ourselves from worldly participations: we begin meditating, stay unmoved or let’s say we try to be productive only in making our mind peaceful, unproductive otherwise completely. But the question arises how can an individual live without reciprocating with this world. According to my understanding, we come into this world with certain truths (karmas) and responsibilities (yogis) to execute those truths. So, to stay at peace with the world around, if we stop giving, we defy the entire logic of being Karma Yogis. On the contrary, you stay still, but for you to exist you need some energy and that you will consume from  somebody else’s hard work. In this scenario, you become a liability and definitely unacceptable to this world.
Let the revolution happen in your mind. Let the conflicts happen inside. It will keep your mind alert, proactive, and capable of taking instant decisions. Confront what you find wrong. Don’t accept injustice at all.  When you fight it out, the weaker fragments of your mind will be dead and your mind will resurrect with only positive & powerful energy. Let me articulate it to you in the best fashion, I get so glad when I see how #patrioticAmericans are coming out of their deep slumbers finally. Over the years you have been taught to stay calm, not to retaliate, let it go on, or worst go for anger management classes if the unjust issues are hurting you deep inside. But what’s the outcome of all that? I believe, it only leads to let you become weaker human beings. In the process of staying good always you lost your own strengths. You not only lost your importance but your well-deserved rank in the world also. Wake up my dear fellow #patrioticAmericans, my dear friends. Confront your acceptance limits and patterns first and then confront the people who have been taking undue benefits of your kindness. Understand I am not endorsing any hatred toward the fellow human beings: I am asking you to revolt out the stagnant habits that you have inculcated unnecessarily in the last couple of decades. Get up and fight for your right. Take what is yours. While collecting all that your napping mind will wake up, get into action again, you will become productive and as a result, you will start doing so many things that will not only add value to your family but also the economy of the entire nation.
For #America to be in business, you need to capitalize on tangible and intangible wealth. So, in order to do that, you have to build this wealth. Again, wealth is not created by sitting still, you have to work or that. You have to be tough. You need to set the uncompromising rules for the people who want to have a share from your kill and it shouldn’t be the other way around like what’s happening now. Go for wealth hunting #patrioticAmerica. There are a plethora of opportunities awaiting you. You have always been standing up in the world. Do it once again. Once again show your kickass patriotic American attitude and position yourself above all. Put up a fight against with the #biggovernment that’s swiping away your liberty, freedom, and creativity. Work old school: how you would see every piece of scrap in your backyard as an object of raw material for your innovation. People like you and me who love this country and blessed with intellectual capital will work together to get this country on the ranks and on the path to prosperity again. Let us #makeAmericaGreatAgain. And as I said, it can only happen if you let your mind wake up from a deep slumber and make it more powerful by getting it into a revolt zone to fight out all the issues. It starts with electing a president who will provide a path for you, #DonaldTrump.
Suresh Kannan

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