Woman Who Asked ‘Leaked’ Dem Debate Question Has A BRUTAL Message For Hillary

For the Democrat Party, Lea-Anne Walters was a pawn in the game.

The leader of the movement to stir up publicity for Flint, Michigan’s, lead-poisoned water problem was just another game piece to be moved on the political chess board before a CNN-sponsored town hall debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in March.

But thanks to the publication of hacked internal Democratic National Committee documents by the WikiLeaks website, the “pawn” is in a much more powerful position…maybe even one to help take down the queen.

Walters is the Flint activist whose question in advance of a Clinton-Sanders primary debate was leaked to Hillary by Donna Brazile, who has since been made acting DNC Chairwoman. With a callousness that borders on unbelievable, Brazile leaked the question Walters planned to ask Clinton at the Flint town hall by prefacing it with the information that it would come from “a woman with a rash.”


In a Fox News interview Tuesday, Walters struck back. Clinton, she said, should be “disqualified” from the presidency for trying to take advantage of insider information.

“I was disgusted by Hillary’s answer when she first answered it, I’m even more so now,” Walters said on Fox’s “Happening Now.”

“I feel she should be disqualified because it gave her an advantage she should not have had.”

Check out Walters’ interview here, along with Clinton’s abysmal answer at the town hall debate, even though she had time to prepare:

What’s really interesting about this is that Walters has a point that the incident should disqualify Clinton from running for the presidency – and Brazile from leading the Democrat Party. But not so much because of the lack of honesty involved, but the surfeit of stupidity, and self-aggrandizement.

First of all, the debate was being held in Flint because of the town’s water crisis. For Brazile to be playing cloak-and-dagger with the Clinton campaign just to let them in on the jaw-dropping secret that someone in the audience was going to ask about what the next president would do for the people of Flint is an exercise in self-importance.

It’s a good bet that Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri rolled her eyes at the “inside information.”

Heck, Palmieri and her staff should not only have known the question was coming, they should have guessed it would come specifically from Walters, who is such a well-known player in the Flint water crisis story that she was profiled in January in Mother Jones, the progressive movement’s flagship magazine. And as Walters told Fox, it was CNN who approached her for the question, not the other way around.

In other words, basic staff work should have prepared Clinton well before Brazile’s “tip off” email arrived.

If this is the kind of “intelligence” that it takes to get ahead and stay ahead in the Democrat Party, it won’t be much of a party in the long run. But after being caught brazenly lying about leaking the questions — and indignantly comparing herself to a persecuted Christian in the process — it’s a good bet Brazile won’t be around much longer at the party’s top. She’s already been unceremoniously dumped from her analyst job at CNN.

For Clinton, the stupidity is worse. Her answer — as flaccid a combination of “throw more money” and “wait and see” as could be found, with a little feigned moral outrage for the chumps in the peanut gallery — wasn’t worthy of a county commission candidate, much less a woman running for the Oval Office.

What it boiled down to was a vow to get rid of lead “everywhere” within five years. (Maybe Hillary can simply wipe water systems clean with a cloth.)

And Walters, known to Brazile only as the “woman with a rash,” wasn’t buying it for a second.

“The answer she gave was a cop out answer, to take it away from water and put funds where there are funds,” Walters said on Fox. “And if she’s elected, she’ll be in office four years, not five years, so how does that work?”

It wouldn’t work, any more than Brazile’s “inside” information worked to tip off Clinton and her campaign to a question they had to already know was coming.

To Brazile, who apparently can’t be bothered with actually learning about big issues before playing the big shot by passing out secrets, Lea-Anne Walters was just another pawn on the board.

But with WikiLeaks revelations pouring out daily about the Democrat Party’s queen, she’s a real person, with a real story, that could help make Nov. 8 “checkmate” for the Clinton campaign.